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Summer Beauty Product Crush


I’m a fragrance girl..I just love smelling good. In fact, I feel a bit naked if I live the house without spritzing a little something on. That being said, in the summertime, I don’t want to wear anything heavy. In fact, any extra beauty steps feel like one step too many when it’s sweltering out. So, when I can apply one product that does double duty, I’m a happy girl. And that’s just want Soap & Glory’s, The Righteous Butter, has been doing for me this summer.

The Righteous Butter is a delightfully moisturizing body butter that not only softens my skin, but leaves a sweet fragrance behind as well. It’s on the floral side, but not overpowering. So, if I’m in a hurry or simply don’t want to go through the separate steps of putting on body lotion and perfume, I can just apply this body butter in a few seconds and head out the door feeling moisturized and smelling great!


So, lovelies..Now that I’ve shared my summer beauty crush with you, I would love to know what your favorite dual purpose beauty products are! Do you have a favorite summer fragrance? Inquiring minds want to know!

Disclosure: We received a sample, but the opinions expressed are our own.


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