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A Sweet, Speedy and Low-Cal Snack

fruit dip

I don’t know about y’all, but I am a full blown sweets addict. A daily cupcake habit isn’t very good for a bod that’s trying to get into swimsuit shape, however, so unless it’s a special occasion, I typically turn to snacks that are bit less calorie laden when I’m jonesin’ for something sweet. My mama has been making this fruit dip for us for years. I daresay you won’t find an easier recipe anywhere!

fruit dip ingredients
Simply combine a container of light strawberry yogurt with a container of Cool Whip Lite and you have a sinfully delicious dip! For more healthy recipes, head on over to my fellow Shredhead, Danielle’s, blog, Elleinadspir, today! In case you’re wondering what a Shredhead is…a bunch of us bloggers have decided to come together and support each other as we embark on or continue with our get in shape journeys! Check us out on Twitter and use hashtag #shredcrew to see what we’ve been up to. You might even decide that you want to join in the fun! My girl Carrie over at This Free Bird has a list of our crew for easy reference!

So, do you have any healthy snack ideas that you’d like to share lovelies?


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