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Simple Sugars: The Best Beauty Time Saver

What is the one thing us busy moms always seem to be short on? Time! Am I right? Whether we're working outside or inside the home, we're, more often than not, hard at work while taking care of our broods at the same time. So many of us tend to neglect ourselves, but it doesn't have to be that way. We can be wonderful parents who are fully devoted to our families while focusing on ourselves too. And one area, I never try to skimp on is my personal skincare. I don't mind looking my...

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How to Get Your Lips in Shape for Winter

I've always had a problem with dehydrated lips. My skin tends to be on the dry side and my lips are no different. As such, I have to exfoliate and moisturize like crazy so I can rock the bold, saturated colors that I love so. Typically that means sloughing off dry skin with a toothbrush and slicking on my favorite balm. However, just like I've had to clock in extra time at the gym and add more products to my skincare routine as I've gotten older, I think it's time I pay even more attention to...

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