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How to Get Your Lips in Shape for Winter


I’ve always had a problem with dehydrated lips. My skin tends to be on the dry side and my lips are no different. As such, I have to exfoliate and moisturize like crazy so I can rock the bold, saturated colors that I love so. Typically that means sloughing off dry skin with a toothbrush and slicking on my favorite balm.


However, just like I’ve had to clock in extra time at the gym and add more products to my skincare routine as I’ve gotten older, I think it’s time I pay even more attention to my lips. Similar to hands, I think lips can really age someone if they aren’t taken care of. I’m still in my thirties, after all…And I want to look it!



Enter the Bliss FabuLips treatment kit available at Time to Spa. It’s a four step system with everything  you need to get your lips in shape for the cold weather months. First, there’s a cleanser. I never would have thought to purchase a cleanser solely for my lips, but I will say that it stripped off my lipstick in no time flat.



Next, there’s a lip scrub. The exfoliation step is vital for achieving optimum smoothness. There is also a lip plumper and balm. I’m not going the injection route, but I’m not above a little plumping action that can be achieved with a simple product. Just sayin’.

So, now that you’ve seen our suggestion for how to get your lips in shape for the cold weather months are you ready for to give your pout the attention it deserves? Why not tackle the dryness now before the problem becomes even worse in the winter?

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post.

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