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My BBG Workout Experience, Halfway There

In January, I started the BBG workouts exercise and training program. Since I started giving some light updates on my workouts on our Instagram Stories, I’ve received several questions. Basically it seems like all my friends just want to know what the heck BBG is and how they can do it. So I thought I would break it down and share my own BBG workout experience. I’m only six weeks in but here are my thoughts from the halfway point.

What is BBG

Ok first, what is this thing called BBG? It’s actually called Bikini Body Guide but on Instagram just search #BBG or #BBGtransformations and fall down a rabbit hole of inspiring before and after photos. I sure did. Women of all shapes and sizes around the world share their progress photos and it’s incredible. I’m not quite there yet. Sorry not sorry.

BBG is basically a 12 week plan by Australian fitness buff Kayla Itsines. Many people seem to fall in love with it and even do it several times over or progress to the next level. You can pay and download a PDF  or use an app called Sweat that is $19.99 a month to follow along and track your progress. After using the free trial week, I decided the app was worth it.

The plan is broken down by week. Each week consists of three 35 minute light cardio sessions (such as walking or swimming) and three 30 minute resistance circuit training sessions. These are pretty intense sessions and are broken down on the app into four 7 minutes sessions with a slight rest in between. Expect A LOT of push-ups.

Why I started BBG

Some of the questions have revolved around why I chose to do the BBG program over another. The truth is that I just found it and liked how it would fit into my life right now. It was something that I could get started on immediately.

Last year when I trained and ran a half-marathon, my body actually bulked up. Instead of losing weight I actually gained about 6-8lbs but even more so my body got thicker. It was an unexpected side effect of running for me. I didn’t do much cross training to alleviate that problem because frankly I’m a working mom of two young kids. Just taking the hours I needed to train we’re very hard to squeeze in and my family really felt the effects of me being absent on so many long runs. I think in a few years when they are older, it would be great to take the time to train, cross train and do a diet plan so that I can do a half-marathon the way I would like. Big props to any of you working mamas out there who have figured that out!

Running was very freeing for me though and I wanted to get back into working out. It’s the time of day where I either let my mind wander, think through problems or listen to podcasts. I liked that BBG workouts were something that I could do in my basement (or outside come spring) and be done with in about 45 minutes total. It also doesn’t take a huge amount of equipment so the investment is really low. I still need to buy a medicine ball, but for now I’ve been using a good sized hand weight for those exercises. Otherwise I’ve used my treadmill, yoga mat, jump rope and a few free weights that I’ve had sitting around.

And the last reason on why I started BBG workouts…well lets face it. I wouldn’t mind looking a little  (or a lot!) better in a bathing suit come this summer. Duh, ha!

BBG Workout Experience

What I like about BBG Workouts

BBG Workout Experience

Now that I’m at the halfway point of my first 12 week session here is what I’m liking about my BBG workouts.

First I like that the workouts are quick. Sure they are hard as heck! But I am short on time so I’d rather feel the burn and then move on with my day.

I love that the app actually shows you how to do each exercise move. It also has a countdown timer so you know immediately when you should rest or move on to the next circuit.

I like that it has a lot of push-ups. I know that sounds insane. But truly I started out barely being able to do more than three push-ups and in six weeks my body is truly getting stronger. I can see my progress in the ability to do push-ups. And it’s really cute when my 6-year-old comes and does them with me. How does that kid make it look so effortless!?

The BBG Cons

BBG Sweat App Exercise

Now lets talk about the cons. Really my BBG workout experience has been with using the Sweat app so I can only speak to that. Overall it’s a great app. There is a chat room function where I have found everyone to be very supportive and helpful with questions. But like all apps there is room for improvement. I wish that it would connect to my Spotify instead of just itunes. Right now I just run both apps independently. Not bad but that means when I want to move on to a new song I have to manually do that.

I would also love for the calendar function to be more fluid. I’d like to be able to move my workouts for the week around without it being too clunky. Right now it takes a few minutes to rearrange your week. The good news is like with all apps, those features are small and may come with time and improvements.

The other major con is that this program is pretty tough on the knees. It includes a lot of jumping and lunges. So if you have knee issues I just wouldn’t go there. Luckily I was lazy most of my life so my knees are just fine, ha.

What’s Next For Me and BBG

So what’s next for me and my BBG workout experience. I have a lot of travel coming up and I am going to try and take this show on the road. Literally. Between walking and using basic hotel gyms I should be covered. I look forward to seeing how the next six weeks go! And like all workout regimens, also having a focus on diet helps see results. I haven’t focused on diet in this first half since I wanted to just give myself room to figure out the workouts. Now it’s time for cutting out some sugar and bread. I see more smoothies and salads in my future!

Have you tried BBG? I’d love to hear the details of your own BBG workout experience if so!

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BBG Workout Pros and Cons

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