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How to Get The Most From Your Day

Ever wonder how to get the most from your day? Do you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the work day? Or that the To Do list is an unwieldy beast that refuses to go away? Over the past two years, I’ve been really focused on how I can work smarter, not harder. And that has come into use now more than ever while I manage two businesses and a family. Here’s how I stay sane while being my most productive.

How to Get The Most From Your Day

How to Get the Most Out of Your Day Last year my husband Floyd and I started our own video production company, Rockhouse. After a great career as a photojournalist he was excited to start a new chapter, telling stories for our own clients. And I was ready to have him home more often! My agency and business background meant that I would run the business side while he would use his talent as creative director. I’ve also worked with Kristin, my bestie for life, here at Take Time For Style for years and love this work. Being friends with you and sharing all things fun and fashionable is as good as it gets. Doing both was a no brainer! But it did present a dilemma. I needed to figure out ways to make the most out of every day so that both businesses would flourish. Here are a few things that have helped me.

  1. Weekly Planning: I plan out my week pretty meticulously. Everything from meetings, writing time, to even when I’m going to the grocery store is all mapped out. I block off chunks of working time where I try not to schedule meetings and really focus on work. Sometimes this looks like three hours of writing at Starbucks where no one will interrupt my train of thought. And while things pop-up and get shifted, I find having my calendar organized helps me stay calm and organized too.
  2. A To Do List with Intention: Do you ever make a To Do list and watch as it goes all the way down the page? Yeah me to. And while all of those things are important, chances are you aren’t getting them ALL done in one day. So I take a few minutes each morning to determine my day’s intentions. This time is often while I’m still in bed, and I focus on the top three things I want to get done that day. Those are the things I focus on and make the top of the list.
  3. Hiring Help: That’s right. I actually can’t do it all. One way I get the most out of my day is by acknowledging that and then hiring great people to do the tasks that don’t necessarily require me. Right now this looks like an accountant and our nanny who has also transitioned into doing some production coordinating work for us too.
  4. Taking Time For Myself: You guys know I talk way too much about how working out, even when it’s a thirty minute walk, is my “me time”. The time in the day before I start working where I can think through a creative problem, or listen to an inspiring podcast. Where I’m not, “Mom!” and the phone hasn’t started ringing. I’m not perfect at it, but taking that time for myself does energize me and helps me get my day going.

Megan walking with camera

That’s how I try to get it all done. Running two businesses has been exhilarating and its fun watching each one take on new projects. And when things get really overwhelming. Well that’s when I call my Mom, ha!

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