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Favorite Women’s Running Gear

Throughout the process of training for and running in my first half marathon (you can read all of those details here) I tested and tried out a lot of women’s running gear. After all, I was hitting the pavement every other day for over six months. And while no two runners are alike, yes apparently we runners are all precious snowflakes, I thought I would share what women’s running gear truly worked best for me. There are some shorts, socks and even headphones I tried that did not make my race day cut. With all of that training I wanted to make sure that I was comfortable and ready for the big day. I stressed a lot, probably way too much, about things like chaffing and blisters. I had visions of limping across the finish line bleeding and lamenting my poor sock choice.

The good news is that all of the advice I received and all of my women’s running gear testing and research truly paid off. I somehow, maybe miraculously, made it through the training and the half marathon with minimal blisters and chaffing. So much so that I was able to easily go wine tasting the next day. Duh, like anything would stop me but still I was able to freely run through the vineyards. So why don’t I save you some of my stress and share all the items I loved!

Running my first half marathon

Favorite Women’s Running Gear

womens running gear

Favorite Women’s Running Gear: Running Shoes, Best Sports Bra, Nike Running Shorts, Wicking Athletic Socks, Wireless Headphones, Running Belt, Friction Stick, Sports Sunglasses, Pretty Leggings

Women’s Running Gear Tips

Shoes: I HIGHLY recommend you go to a proper running store and get your feet sized and examined by the store. Some even have fancy computers to look at your stride and see what your best shoe would be. I did this and literally never had one blister and felt a huge difference in my runs. The shoes that work best for my feet may not for yours. If you are doing a lot of running make sure to see a professional!

Sports Bra: If you want to run freely while the girls stay in place, this sports bra will not disappoint. I rave about it to everyone. Even strangers on the street. Yes lady on the street, I am crazy, but you will thank me when you are running without the pain of flopping boobs!!

Wireless Headphones: The wrong headphones are a huge distraction! I went through a few of these and the Senso one’s I linked to above are great! They are pretty cheap, easy to use, and they stay in place with no issue. No matter how much I sweat or how fast I ran I could still rock out!

Here’s to many more successful runs!

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