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Five Favorite Gifts for Second Time Moms


Before Max arrived, I remember perpetually feeling stumped at what to gift my friends having their second (or more) baby. I wanted to celebrate each new milestone but most of my friends already had everything they needed. Since Max arrived I’ve been so blown away by the creativity and generosity of our family and friends. So much so that becoming a better, more creative gift giver is one of my 2015 goals. Here are five things gifts I found just perfect as a second time mom.

1. Monogrammed blanket or lovey – Its so nice to have something special just for them.

2. Diapers – In a sleep deprived state, its nice to have a good diaper supply and you know they will get used, ha!

3. Books – I love baby books and I just don’t think you can have too many. For little ones I really love Jelly Cat and other texture books and they make a great gift paired with a Jelly Cat stuffed animal.

4. Ice Cream! – My sister in law sent me a gift of six ice cream pints from a favorite local shop. This was the perfect late night treat or fun dessert for company dropping by.

5. Family Snack Bag – When my husband went back to work a friend, knowing I’d be alone a lot more, dropped of a large box of snack items. It was perfect to be able to grab a quick banana or granola bar one handed and not go hungry. Definitely a useful fun gift, and yes a little Nutella even made the bag, yum!

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