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7 Daily Cleaning Tips to Keep Your House Spotless

Daily Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to a spotless house every single day? Well, a magic fairy won’t do it for you, but there are things you can do every single day to help  keep your house feeling spotlessly clean. Check out these 7 daily cleaning tips to make it happen!

#1. Always clear out your sink.
Whether you want to or not, doing your dishes is an important part of having a spotless house. You can even go a step further and dry and put away the dishes as you wash them. This will help your kitchen look one step closer to spotless.

#2. Keep the counters clutter free.
Maybe your house really isn’t messy, you just have cluttery counters. Make sure you keep the counters clutter free, so you can enjoy that spotless house look all of the time. Don’t just shove items in the drawers, instead put the items away and throw away what you don’t need. No more drawer of old soy sauce packets for me!

#3. Do a quick sweep and mop before bed.
When you wake up in the morning it might look like someone stomped on your floors and that’s because dust and grime has settled throughout the day. Oh and the kids actually have stomped all over them! Always try to do a quick sweep and mop before you go to bed.

#4. Keep a chore list.
A lot of times, we forget what we have cleaned and what we haven’t cleaned throughout the day. Keeping a chore list will help you know what you have already tackled and what still needs cleaned. That way you are getting to the entire house and not just one or two things throughout the week.

#5. Take the time to clear out items.
The more items you have in your home the messier it’s going to be. Make sure you take the time to clear out the clutter every day and this will you have a more spotless house all of the time. No one’s going to think you’re weird for having less stuff.

#6. Make the beds every morning.
When you walk into a room one of the first things you notice is an unmade bed. If you want your house to look spotless every day, always make time to make the bed.

#7. Utilize closets and random baskets.
You don’t want to be cluttery, but sometimes you need baskets and closets to put things in. Use the random baskets in your house for things like blankets, toys, and pillows. You can also use the closets for items like shoes and coats. In order to look spotless a house needs to be free of cluttery items and baskets also make it easy to quickly put items out of sight.

Do you agree with these 7 daily cleaning tips? What are some of the tricks you have for keeping your house spotless and clutter free? Now excuse me while I go clean out a junk drawer or three!

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