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Boy’s Updated Bedroom

We’re sharing a boy’s updated bedroom today. This project transitioned the space from toddler to big kid in just a few simple steps and on budget!

Boys updated bedroom with plaid bedding and stuffed animals.

The time finally came. And if you’re like me I sat on this task for a little too long. I guess deep down I wasn’t quite ready to let go. That’s right. Somehow I blinked and it was time to transition from a toddler to a boy’s updated bedroom.

Now that Jake is seven-years-old, he has made it clear that he has two feet firmly planted in full on big kid territory. And it was time to freshen up his space to reflect this new stage.

When we moved into this house 6 years ago, Jake’s room was painted a very bright neon green. It was a flat finish that showed every scuff and mark. Even way back then it was in need of a fresh coat of paint. But it matched a lot of what we already had so tackling the green room kept falling down the priority list.

Jake’s Updated Room Before

Bright Green Kids RoomBright green toddler room with bookshelf

We decided to let Jake have a say in how his boy’s updated bedroom would look. We knew we would keep the dresser, bed and bedding. When we upgraded him from a crib to the bunk bed, we purchased the Pottery Barn plaid madras quilting. It goes with everything and has been a great choice for his room.

When we asked Jake what he wanted in his room he said some Star Wars art and a blue grey paint. Thankfully, this kid didn’t fall far from his grey paint-loving mama.

Up first we chose a paint color, and removed all of the artwork, toddler bookshelf and rug. I was also having another room painted so we outsourced this work. It was only $300 to have his room painted and worth my weekend. The guys did a great job and worked so much faster than I normally do. It’s amazing what you can do with no kids underfoot begging to help!

Already with the fresh paint the room felt transformed.

Jake’s Updated Room After

Kids Desk Area Oversized Stuffed Animal DogKids Dresser and artworkBoys Books on Dresser

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We then chose a desk where he could write and draw. This was a hard choice for us. I wasn’t sure I wanted to give him a desk in his room. I was afraid he would be isolated from the rest of the family. But we’ve had several instances of him trying to do homework with a little brother getting in the way and decided to go for it. This desk will last for several years and I liked the small frame of it. And this chair is fun without being too matchy or expensive. I then moved his big metal “J”, a Home Goods score, and hung it over the desk.

For the curtains, I decided against a solid navy since it would feel too dark. But so many patterns compete with the plaid bedding. The blue and white cabana stripes are perfect and I love how they make the room feel both whimsical and airy.

Finally, to honor his last request… something Star Wars. He especially loves Tie Fighters. Since Star Wars is an obsession that often last several years (or in my husband’s case a love for life) I wanted something that Jake appreciated now,but also had a look that could last for several years. Thankfully Etsy is my home girl. I found a pack of 6 watercolor images for $9.99. I let him pick two of his favorites from the pack and then sent them off to Gallery Direct to be framed. Gallery Direct is so easy and within minutes the order was submitted. I could have printed them out and found frames myself but time has been scarce lately. I wanted his room finished, so he could enjoy it and I could move on.

Star Wars Watercolor Artwork with Tie Fighter and At At

In the end we all adore it. It’s cheerful and seems to reflect his age now, as well as can easily take him through the next several years. Here’s to giving him a boy’s updated room that feels personal and that I love too!

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Steps to Create a Boy’s Updated Room

  • Talk through how you want to change the room. Consider clothing and toy storage, work or reading space, etc. Determine your budget and assess what items you are keeping and what you are removing from the room.
  • Choose a paint color and paint the room.
  • Purchase any new furniture or large pieces.
  • Next find any needed bedding and curtains.
  • Use the remaining budget for artwork and accents. Etsy, Homegoods and Target are all great for these final details without going over budget on items that can be swapped as age and tastes change.

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