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The Living Room I Always Wanted

Come see how I got the living room of my dreams with custom window treatments!

Think about a room in your house that could really use an update. If you had to pick one thing to redo, what would it be? For me, it was the window treatments in my shared living room and dining room space. To get the living room I always wanted, I needed to work on those windows. When we moved in to our home a couple years ago, we were greeted with original window treatments. And being that the house was going on twenty years old, I’m sure you can imagine what kind of condition they were in. It wasn’t pretty. Bwah!

farmhouse plantation shutters in the living room

farmhouse living room decorated in gray, yellow and turquoise

wildflowers arrangement on paisley tablecloth

Now the window coverings weren’t, and still aren’t, the only project on our to do list. That being said, the living room / dining room space is one of the first areas you see when you enter our home. So, I knew it was one of the first big projects I would take on. The major question we had to answer first was what kind of window treatments we wanted. Thankfully, our 3 Day Blinds Design Consultant was there to answer any questions we had and help us select the best product for our taste and lifestyle. Spoiler alert…We went with Plantation Shutters in the living room and dining room in case you didn’t see my last post about them. Before we talk about the incredible end result, however, let’s talk about how we got there. The process is just as important as the outcome in my book!

Choosing 3 Day Blinds Window Treatments for the Living Room

The first step is to find the 3 Day Blinds location in your area and set up an appointment with a design consultant. Our design consultant’s name was Lisa and she was so much more than a salesperson. She was a former interior designer who was fully knowledgeable about, not only the product, but what would look best in our space. She also wanted to make sure that whatever we chose would fit in with our lifestyle. I, for instance, like to switch up my home’s aesthetic often. I needed classic window treatments that would stand the test of time and go with a variety of decorating styles. If I want to switch out the modern farmhouse vibe for coastal chic, my windows shouldn’t be a concern. Ok, an entire home decor switch might not be in the works right now, but I reserve the right to constantly play with accents like throws, pillows and flowers!

the living room you've always wanted with gray furniture and turquoise and yellow accents

custom plantation shutters with arch

pom throw pillow with fringe on chair

gray fringe throw blanket in large basket

white plantation shutters and gray couch

farmhouse flowers on coffee table

gray and yellow living room with white plantation shutters

Once we decided on a product, it was time to tackle details like did we want our arch covered and what color white, exactly, did we want. The 3 Day Blinds company slogan is “we bring the showroom to you,” and they really do. There are several shades of white, for example. So, we held up a slew of options to see what went best with my furniture and paint colors. When I say these shutters are custom, I mean they’re custom from top to bottom. Every detail is meticulously selected to suit your space right down to the louver size. I love a wider look myself. My consultant showed me a variety of sizes and it was clear which look I was drawn to. In fact, once she got a feel for my aesthetic, she even offered up some decorating tips. Score!

3 Day Blinds Cellular Shades

After we handled the living room look, we moved on upstairs where she helped me land on cellular shades for the room that faced the street. This space happens to be our guest suite. You may remember when I shared how I refreshed it last year. The new shades were a big part of said redo. Our design consultant couldn’t have been more right about cellular shades being a perfect fit for that room. When I have loved ones staying in the guest room, I want it to feel like a serene space that they can fully relax in.

how to update your guest room on a budget

3 Day Blinds cellular shades installation

That is just what I got. The cellular shades practically disappear into the wall, they’re so seamless. And the softly diffused sunlight that filters through the shades lends such a pretty effect to the room. It’s so pretty, in fact, I decided to paint the space a soft white to fully highlight the natural light. And, again, these shades come in all kinds of colors including numerous whites just like the shutters. Personally, I wanted a white that was bright and crisp, yet not clinical feeling. And, obviously, my design consultant knew just what to show me!

3 Day Blinds Installation

Now, once we decided on the products, it was time to have our windows measured. The shutters and shades are made in different places, so two separate teams came out to measure. Both were timely and courteous. When we’re talking about customer service, you can’t beat those two qualities! The shades were ready quite quick, but the shutters took a little longer as they were involved. Good things come to those who wait my friends. Before I knew it, the installation days arrived…

gray and turquoise farmhouse living room decor

beautiful white plantation shutters in living room with gray furniture

custom arched plantation shutters in living room

arched windows with plantation shutters

Depending on the amount of windows you’re having outfitted, you’re going to want to allow some time for installation. So, I would take the day off if you don’t work from home like moi. I had one large window and 2 smaller windows done for the shutters, so it wasn’t all all day situation for me. It was, however, at least a couple hours, which isn’t crazy considering how much care they took with the installation. And it took even less time to install the cellular shades. Plus, I barely knew the teams were there. They got in, got out and left me with beautiful window treatments. And the cellular shades installers even noticed a minor cosmetic flaw that I didn’t. They insisted on sending that piece back for a replacement. Now that’s service!

Why You Need Custom Window Treatments

So, as you can see I’m sitting here with the living room I always wanted, a sublimely updated guest space and a slew of ideas for the next window projects on the horizon. I’m thinking about cellular shades for the kids’ rooms, plantation shutters in my laundry room and master bathroom and custom curtains to cover the sliders in my bedroom. Yep, they do those too! Now that I’ve gone the custom window treatments route, I know they’re well worth the investment. If you can save and invest in one project that you’ll continue to love for years to come, isn’t that better than spending the same amount of money on a bunch of different projects that don’t give you as much joy? That’s the route I’m going with my home improvements anyway. We’re going to chip away at one quality upgrade at a time!

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