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How to Give Your Front Yard a Facelift

Who wants to know how to give your front yard a facelift with minimal effort. Hint, you’re going to need mulch, and lots of it. You may remember me telling you about the new home I moved into last fall. Well, it’s been about 10 months since we moved in and we’re still knee deep in projects galore. We went the “good bones” route with our purchase and while we have plenty of to-dos on our list that we’re working on to really make this house our own, we’ve been able to check revamp the front yard off our list. Thanks to Rubber Mulch and a whole lot of weeding, along with a few new plants, our front yard no longer looks like a glorified dirt pile. Just take a look at those before pics. I wasn’t kidding. It was a literal dirt pile. The previous owner had a large Oak tree removed shortly before we took ownership and it left, well, a pile of dirt. So, we had some serious work to do.

landscaping makeover before

dirt pile

old mulch

How to Give Your Front Yard a Facelift

Now when we were brainstorming about what we wanted to do with the front yard, we knew we needed the most bang for our buck. We weren’t up for completely redoing the professional landscaping right now since we have so many projects inside the house that need to be focused on. That being said, we know the importance of curb appeal and wanted our front yard to make us, and anyone who paid a visit to our home, smile. And that’s where Rubber Mulch from came into play. We looked at a variety of options to help spruce up our outside space and Rubber Mulch seemed like the answer to most of our problems. So, if you too have been wondering about how to give your front yard a facelift, just look to our before and after photos…

Rubber Mulch Pros

how to give your front yard a facelift

landscaping ideas

rubber mulch


landscaping with mulch

We wanted a clean, streamlined look for our yard and we boy did we get it. Not only will new mulch give your yard an instantly freshened up appearance, but Rubber Mulch lasts much, much longer than your average mulch. It does not compose or blow away and is weather resistant. In fact, it has a 12 year guarantee. Imagine not having to lay out mulch again for over a decade! And the benefits of Rubber Mulch go far beyond durability…Did you know that Rubber Mulch is eco-friendly. It’s made from 100% recycled products and is safe for the family and the environment! The Obamas actually used it for the White House playground which makes me feel great about my own kids frolicking around in it. Did I mention it comes in a variety of colors? We went with the cocoa brown, but their other colors are gorgeous too.

Rubber Mulch Cons

side of house mulch

I really can’t come up with any cons for this product apart from it smells a bit strong at first. But that fades and you’re left with a beautiful yard, so are there cons? Nope. Not really in this girl’s book. It’s been in place in our yard for a few weeks now and still looks brand new! I’m sure by now you can tell I’m a fan, but I have to tell you that we loved Rubber Mulch so much we continued on with it down the sides of our house all the way into the backyard. I’ll show you what we did back there soon, but in the meantime, here’s a peak at the side of the house. Hey, if you look from the right angle you can see the side from the street too. Is there such a thing as side yard curb appeal? Bwah!

mulch makeover

So, in a nutshell…When thinking about how to give your front yard a facelift, focus on the mulch. Rubber Mulch is the answer to your landscaping dreams! You can find out more in their top 10 reasons to use Rubber Mulch!

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This is not a sponsored post. We did receive product for review.


  1. candy says

    We have never used the rubber mulch before but we do love the look of mulch. Makes everything look clean and helps keep weeds out and water stay longer. Your yard looks very pretty.

  2. Cat says

    Your yard looks great! We do not have a yard right now, but I love reading articles like this so I know what to do when it’s time to care for our own home with a yard!

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