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How to Get Budget Friendly Canvas Prints

Do you have some walls that need adornment? Read on for how to get budget friendly canvas prints. Your walls will thank you!

horse canvas hanging on white wall

Furnishing a home adds up to a serious chunk of change. Am I right? We about doubled our square footage when we bought our home the last time and that means a lot of empty walls. Haha! That being said, I like my purchases to be purposeful. Meaning, I don’t want to buy something I’m not totally in love with just to have something on the wall. So, I still have plenty of empty ones. Bwah! That’s ok. I would rather do something right, rather than rushed!

That being said…ALL of my walls aren’t completely empty. There is one that has gotten some love recently thanks to Canvas On Demand. That’s right. I turned one of my very favorite photos into a piece of beautiful canvas wall art and it’s currently at home in my family room. And guess what? This particular photo was taken with my iPhone. Can you believe that? The canvas print turned out so crisp and clear, you would think it was a taken with a DSLR camera. Nope. Cell phone camera for the win! Haha. It took the perfect shot to use for my new canvas wall art.

horse canvas hanging on white wall over ivory side table

white horse canvas wall art

Budget Friendly Wall Art

But before I talk about how seamless the Canvas On Demand custom canvas print creating process was, let me tell you why I chose this particular wall. For one, it’s small. It is actually just a tiny little bit of wall that stands between two large sliders in my family room. So, it’s not as overwhelming a project as some others on our list since it’s such a small space. And, secondly, the curtains that are already hung help make it half finished already. So, all I had to do was add artwork, a side table and some decorative accents. They really completed the farmhouse look I’m forever going for!

I have always found that when it comes to decorating, focusing on small projects before I move on to the larger ones, gives me some sense of control. This is especially important when your to do list is a mile long like mine. Just sayin’. Once I decided that my sad little wall was my next project, the only question was, what would I do with it? Being that it is next to the pathway from my family room to my kitchen, I didn’t want anything too obstructive.

Then I remembered that I had a little side table that wasn’t using. I picked it up on sale because it was such a bargain. I figured I would use it someday. Well, I was right! It was the perfect perch for a faux plant and candle. I’m working on my green thumb, but I’m not quite there yet, so faux plants are safer. I am who I am and I know my limits.

faux eucalyptus plant in terracotta pot

farmhouse vignette with canvas horse wall art and faux plant in orange pot

Why You Should Shop Canvas On Demand 

Now being that my house has that decidedly farmhouse feel I mentioned, I decided to use one of my horse photographs, in a Canvas on Demand 16 x 20 premium canvas. And making budget friendly canvas prints there couldn’t be easier. You simply upload your image, add any color effects margins etc. you want and that’s it! And guess what else? Right now the same size you see here is on sale for $23.99. Can you believe that?! I can’t think of a better deal for a personalized hand crafted piece of art! It was the perfect finishing touch for an area in my home that had little purpose!

Now that you know how to get budget friendly canvas prints, head over to Canvas On Demand to create your own! And at that price, why not make more than one?!

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