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Drooling Over Dwell Studio

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m about to start tackling my home office as my next design project.  Now that I’m back from my family vacation at the beach, I have a few finishing touches for Jake’s nursery and then it’s all about getting my workspace looking purty.  Right now the room has about 20 of those reuse recycle bags filled to the brim with things like fabric swatches and maternity clothes that need to be sorted.  It’s so embarrassingly bad that I can’t even include it as a “Before” image without doing a little clean-up. Eek!

As I start my search for home office inspiration I have to look no further than the Dwell Studio catalog that recently hit my mailbox.  Each page is filled with a gorgeous aesthetic that is SOOO me.  It’s that perfect mix of modern and vintage styles with the clean lines I love so much.  Although, to be honest, this room has a pretty tight budget, so while I LOVE this armoire, I may have to look for something similar to recreate the look.

Drooling Over Dwell Studio

I am committing to making sure that each thing I bring in I absolutely feel great about.  And sometimes I’ve noticed it’s even strong accents that make the difference.  Dwell Studio also has me cornered in that department as well.  These brass bowls are chic and would make a great office accessory.

Drooling Over Dwell Studio

And in the end a duo of metal peacocks may be the winner.  To me, they feel like an updated version of something I might find at my grandmother’s house.  And at $88, they make a grand statement without hurting my budget.  Although, that armoire is awfully tempting…

Drooling Over Dwell Studio

P.S. – On a side note, did anyone else watch the Bachelor last night only to be completely flabbergasted?!  I think Lindzi is so great and better off but REALLY?!?! That Courtney is certifiable! Ok, rant ended 🙂


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