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Romantic Cafe’ Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting

When we had the deck built way back in April, I was determined to create a vibe that was relaxing.  A vibe that just beckoned for a glass of wine and some good conversation.  I fell madly in love with the idea of using cafe’ lights to cast a romantic glow overhead.  I love when restaurants do this and thought that it couldn’t be too hard.  So, after searching around a bit I settled on two strands of glass string lights from World Market, similar to these.

After a little nudging, we managed to get them up and I instantly loved the look.  Here we are over the summer kicking back and relaxing in the glow.  As soon as they were up, the lights created a feeling of intimate conversation.  You just wanted to be out there.  And then…a storm came through.  That mean ol’ storm knocked down one of the strands and being glass, the aftermath was quite messy.  So, reluctantly we took down the second strand and have decided we will put them up when we have company and parties.  You know, when there is a less than 50% chance of rain.  I have to say, I was a little heartbroken.  Sure, we still have some other lighting solutions to figure out, but I had thought I’d nailed it on the first go.

Now that Fall is about to settle in and the days of 95 degrees are behind us, I’d like to spend some more time out on the deck, preferably not in the dark.  Perhaps going with some strands that are not made of glass, or wrapping the handrail would do the trick?  Here are some options that I think might work for my deck or any backyard.  Let me know what you think, or of course I could just wait and bling it out at Christmas!

Deck Lighting

Perhaps durable plastic is the way to go...

Deck Lighting

These rattan lights could be fun for fall, and certainly wouldn't end up as smashed glass.

Deck Lighting

Perhaps classic rope lighting?



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