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8 of the Most Fun Pool Floats

With warmer weather here and my pool officially opened for the season, it’s time to stock up on the pool party essentials. After all, that’s where I plan to spend a good majority of the next few months! This Memorial Day weekend has me happily at home working on getting my house prepped with fresh planted flowers, cute pool cushions, and of course the most fun pool floats that you’ve ever seen!

Last year felt like it was all about that swan pool float. It took the world by storm. It was so pretty and you just couldn’t escape its sleek coolness all over your feed. I really wanted one and somehow never pulled the trigger. One of my big regrets from last summer, ha.

This year, I’m already seeing such a huge variety of both glam and laugh out loud pool float options that are sure to be popular. There are so many options that anyone can snag an oversized pool float in order to Instagram their own unique personality poolside. I mean, nothing gets kids (and many grown-ups) laughing like a giant poop emoji and I really love the red, white and blue popsicle. It may already be in my cart, wink wink! The best part for me is that I’ve got Jake swimming confidently and Max working hard on it, I feel so much more at ease in the pool with them and can’t wait to have more fun enjoying it all summer long. So, which pool float should it be?

8 of the Most Fun Pool Floats Round-Up

Most Fun Pool Floats

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