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One Glass Jar, Two Easy Holiday Centerpieces

I love entertaining and these easy holiday centerpieces are a perfect way to make the holidays so much easier for me!  With just a few simple adjustments, they go from Thanksgiving to Christmas in no time at all!  In fact, they are versatile enough you could use them or any number of holidays year round!

I’m in a bit of a frenzy at the last minute every year trying to clean and make everything all warm and inviting for our house full of guests on their way.  Like all things I do in life, leaving things to the last minute for Thanksgiving is no exception.

So, with the help of Floyd, my camera totin’ husband, I thought I would show you how I created quick holiday centerpieces for Thanksgiving that can quickly transition into a Christmas holiday look using the same glass jar and some of the same materials.

That’s right folks, two looks for the work of one!  This jar is pretty large, so for me, it works best on the kitchen island rather than the dinner table.  For those of you not into videos (aka your boss might hear it!), I’ve included the final pics below.

Easy Holiday Centerpieces

As you can see in the video and picture, you only need a few items to pull together these holiday centerpieces.  I like using ribbon and any table scatter I find at the local dollar stores, but you can use leftover ornaments, leaves or whatever you have on hand in your craft box to create a unique holiday look.

Like I mentioned, these can easily work for Thanksgiving, Christmas or throughout the year!  Grab supplies you have on hand, or head to your local craft or dollar store to stock up for your unique holiday centerpieces featuring a simple glass jar.

Supplies Needed to make your own centerpieces:

  • Large glass bowl or jar
  • Pine cones
  • Holiday-themed embellishments
  • Ribbon or table scatter

The results of my Thanksgiving and Christmas themed holiday centerpieces are shown below.  I used some simple table scatter and artificial gold, orange, and purple painted leaves for the Thanksgiving theme.

You could wind some fall colored ribbon throughout, or even toss in a few pieces of candy corn if you wanted.

Don't miss our holiday centerpieces ideas for Thanksgiving & Christmas featuring a simple to personalize concept around a beautiful glass jar!

More options for your holiday-themed centerpieces:

Here is what I came up with for our Christmas holiday centerpieces idea.  Some beaded garland and ornaments showcased the holiday easily.  You could add in poinsettia leaves, gold, silver, red, or white ribbon or even simple holly leaves and berries to make this holiday centerpieces idea even more festive.  Using what you have on hand makes this affordable, but if you have the budget to embellish it more don’t hesitate!

Don't miss our holiday centerpieces ideas for Thanksgiving & Christmas featuring a simple to personalize concept around a beautiful glass jar!

I love the idea of using a simple vessel like this jar to create multiple unique looks for the holidays. These holiday centerpieces are just the beginning of what you could to create great home decor for the holidays in your home.

Adding this to your mantle, kitchen island like me, or even in the middle of your table at a family gathering can work great to bring the holiday to life for your guests and your family to enjoy.


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