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Sweet Potato Pie, A Top Secret Family Recipe

Now that I’m sharing it, this top secret sweet potato pie recipe isn’t so secret.  A few years ago when I first tasted my mother-in-law’s sweet potato pie, I thought I had died and gone to Thanksgiving heaven.  It quickly became one of my holiday favorites and I’m a bit possessive over it.  Kind of like Joey from Friends was with his french fries.  I will even sneak into the kitchen to eat it late at night just to be sure I can get as much as possible before I have to head home.  Now that I have the recipe I get to eat it all the time.  It’s the same delicious pie but something is a bit different when she makes it.  Maybe all those years of practice?

On a side note, don’t sweet potatoes look strange?  Not the most attractive root vegetable, but luckily delicious! Also, note the ziploc in the background?  That’s the white sugar I forgot about when taking the pic.  Warning, do not forget when making the pie, ha!

sweet potato pie ingredients

Here is the final result.  The recipe makes two pies.  One for guests and one for me.  I like to add a dollop of cool whip to mine.  Now that’s what I call dinner!

sweet potato pie

Sweet Potato Pie

2 lbs.    Sweet potatoes (cooked)
¾ cups Granulated sugar
½ cup   Firmly packed brown sugar
½ cup    Butter
½ teas. Salt
½ teas.  Cinnamon
¼ teas.  Nutmeg
½ cup    Milk (whole milk or mix ½ skim and ½ heavy cream)
1 teas.   Real vanilla extract
3            Large eggs
1            Box of Pillsbury Pie Crusts that you just unroll into pie dish if you do not want to make your own pie dough.  (Um I don’t!)
Whipped Cream (optional when using as a dessert, not serving with the meal)
Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Boil sweet potatoes, skins on, in a large pot.  When potatoes are soft, pour out water and let cool.  Remove skins when you can handle the potatoes.  Place into large bowl.  With an electric mixer, beat sweet potatoes and both sugars until smooth.  Add butter, a few pieces at a time beating until melted.  Beat in salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  Gradually add milk and vanilla.  Add the eggs one at a time beating well after each addition.  Spoon mixture into the lightly golden brown baked pie shell (*MOM TIP!*  I cover the edge of the pie crust with aluminum foil so it does not burn and remove it ten minutes before the pie is done).  Bake 60 to 65 minutes until an inserted toothpick or knife comes out clean from the center of the pie.  Place on wire rack or counter to cool.  This makes approximately 8 servings and two pies.

So there you have it.  The super secret recipe.  Don’t go sharing it around now!  So how about it, is everyone getting pumped for their favorite foods?  Who loves sweet potatoes as much as I do!?  I know this holiday is strictly US and Canada so if you’re somewhere else we’d love to hear if you have something similar to Thanksgiving you celebrate!



  1. Danielle (elleinadspir) says

    My MIL tried to convince us Sun that she likes sweet pot pie but that she hates sweet pot. I can see disliking certain applications…but tough to say you hate them if you like the pie. Anyway….recipe looks great! Can’t wait to try it.

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      @Danielle (elleinadspir), Too funny, yes its hard to imagine that the pie is the only think sweet potato one would like, LOL!

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      @Amanda Jones, Thanks Amanda! Its great having you! For recipes featured in the past just use our search function, we have some goodies in there!

  2. Jennifer Fabulous says

    THANK YOU!!!! Omg. Definitely sharing this with my mom this week for Thanksgiving. I’m surprised I haven’t seen many Thanksgiving recipes in the blogosphere this year so far. Last year, I found three or four amazing ones that my mom and I actually used for our dinner. They came out incredible. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled I have this one this year!! 😉

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xoxo

  3. Shannon says

    Honestly, I’m dying here…I can’t tell you how long I’ve scoured the Internet for a recipe like this since it’s my dad and husband’s favorite! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m following via my friend Daphne at Flip Flops. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      @Shannon, Thanks Shannon! Glad we could help! Let me know how it turns out and what you think, I’m always looking for feedback to see if my tastebuds are the same as others 🙂

  4. drollgirl says

    i can’t get around the color, so i can’t even TRY sweet potatoes. i just can’t. yes, i am a freak. but i am sure this is delicious for those that are more adventurous. lol

  5. Allison says

    Omg, I LOVE sweet potato pie! I had never had it before, until my junior year in AP Lit, when we read a story about a girl who baked sweet potato pie for her family, so my teacher made her secret family recipe sweet potato pie, and I was in HEAVEN! 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing (I won’t tell, don’t worry!). I am bookmarking this to make another time (since we are going to be totally pie overloaded this Thanksgiving!).

  6. Jude says

    You are incredible! Sweet potatoes are my significant other’s fave food, but I’ve never found a satisfying recipe! This looks too yum – can’t wait to cook my way into the S.O.’s heart (through his stomach) all the more, just in time for Thanksgiving! 🙂

  7. style'n says

    ha ha I love that you are posting a top secret recipe. My aunt and mom are going to make their top secret family recipe for apple pie and I am wondering if I should share it!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys.

  8. Christy @ Stylishly Inspired says

    This looks SO good!!! I’m making a pumpkin cheesecake (courtesy of Bethenny Frankel) this year, but now I’m considering making these too! I made a sweet potato pie one year long ago and it didn’t turn out so good. Maybe I’ll have better luck with your recipe! Happy Thanksgiving!!! =)

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