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Children’s Photo Session: Behind the Scenes Tips

Getting picture perfect photos isn’t always easy.  Sure these Valentine’s Day photos I shared this morning look carefree, but there is definitely more going on behind the scenes.  However, as a lover of both photography and just really cute pictures of my kid, I am quickly learning some tips for how to handle things behind the scenes.

1. All hands on deck! In addition to my camera toting hubby, I brought along Jake’s beloved Aunt Ashley.  She not only kept him smiling in 25 degree weather, but also kept him from running into traffic. And all I had to do was bribe her with brunch, score!

Children's Photo Session: Behind the Scenes

2. Do your styling “on set”. It’s easier than doing it at home, and then again at your location. And lets face it, when active little ones are involved there is no way hats are staying on and sleeves will remain rolled perfectly.  Rather I pack a tote with the loose items, tissues and some bribing snacks to elicit smiles.

Children's Photo Session: Behind the Scenes

3. Be flexible. The best photos are those unplanned.  While not what I had initially planned, when the dozen balloons I brought with is became overwhelming, I pulled one out and tied it to Jake’s belt loop.  We still got several photos with him and that great pop of color without any tears.

Children's Photo Session: Behind the Scenes

That’s what I’ve learned for a member of the mamarazzi.   I’ll keep sharing tips as they emerge, but if you have any to share I’m all ears!  Do tell!



  1. Love these tips! With two year old twins I’m a little hesitant for our family pictures next month. Last year was much easier because they weren’t super mobile yet.

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