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Champagne Saturday Turns Vodka Tonic with a Twist

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Phew, its been quite a week! Between our site transition (thanks for making the move!) and accidentally showing up at a swanky all white party in bright purple (I know, why do these things happen to me!?!), I am so ready for the weekend. Unfortunately, instead of having somewhere fabulous to share with you, I have three contractors in my house patching up nail holes. Its been a year since we moved into the new abode and that means our one year check-up complete with all the fixes. The end result means I can finally start painting rooms again and doing fun projects around the house, the immediate however means a whole lotta banging and feeling trapped in the house on a Saturday. Le sigh. I think this calls for making a fun cocktail don’t you? When we were in Tanzania last month, Floyd and I were greeted at one hotel with a yummy frozen drink. After slurping it down, we officially agreed that from this point on, all house guests would be greeted accordingly.  We tried to pinpoint what exactly it was, and when I asked the manager, was told it was a frozen vodka tonic. Genius! So last night I broke out the limes and got Champagne Saturday started a bit early…

Vodka Tonic with Crushed Ice

Yum! A Vodka Tonic Slushee!

All I did was throw some tonic water, vodka, ice and a squeeze of lime into a blender. The result was both tasty and pretty. I still think I’m missing a key ingredient from my African concoction, but it was pretty darn close. On a hot summer night, sipping on the ice chips is part of the fun regardless of the cocktail!

In trying to spare you my “around the house” shorts and tee, and without a fabulous outfit to play in this weekend, here is the little BCBG number from Nordstroms I picked out, as if I was going to a great rooftop party in the city. And while we’re dreaming, I also lost 10lbs so it looks really fabulous on me, ha!

BCBG Belted Strapless Dress

BCBG Belted Strapless Dress

How about you? Any fun Champagne Saturday posts to share? Just send us a link and we’ll put you up! Cheers!

Here’s how Phoenix Peacock’s Fiery Inspirations interpreted Champagne Saturday!


  1. kristin says

    A vodka tonic twist alternative is not a bad thing. Our drink in the house is the vodka tonic but great to fancy it up a bit.
    Have a lovely Saturday. I am out to try some wedding dresses:)

  2. Phoenix Peacock says

    oooo. I am excited you have a champagne saturday. My grandmother, who is a very proper lady, always has a glass of champagne in her hand; I decided to model myself after her!

    And… a frozen vodka tonic = genius!

  3. Stephanei Congleton says

    What party did you show up to in a purple dress? That’s too funny, definitely something that would happen to me as well. I will be joining you for a cocktail as I watch the World Cup at Solly’s. Cheers!

  4. The BonBon Rose Girls says

    That cocktail looks SO refreshing. I want one! Why don’t you two hop on a plane and I’ll whip us up some. HA!

  5. J says

    That is a GREAT idea.

    I love summer…I can freeze ALL my alcoholic drinks and pretend there isn’t a lot of alcohol in them…which there is.

  6. Diana says

    Thank you again for your email…I am so happy! That dress is so pretty! I just love summer and it’s the best time to put on a cute dress and have cocktails 🙂
    Kisses darling and enjoy your weekend 🙂

  7. Jessica says

    Fab cocktail! (And I’m sure you looked great in your purple dress at the party. This way you stood out among the crowd – let’s pretend it was intentional.)

  8. Jacqueline says

    The cocktail sound’s delish….I love a good cocktail. I love the dress as well. Have just ordered a similar one from All Saints.
    Not too many cocktails now, Megan !!!! XXXX

  9. Christen says

    I have to admit that my heart broke and I laughed out loud at the same time when I read about the purple dress at the all-white party. I have SO been that person. I hope next week makes up for this past one. You deserved that cocktail!

  10. Joey @ Big Teeth & Clouds says

    I have a lot of nail holes and places where the former owner must have just been angry that the walls exist. They need patchin’ but I think we’ll wait until we can no longer spend long lazy days outside where they were much kinder to the facade.

    Have a happy weekend in your lovely dress.

  11. Lyddiegal says

    Your drinks look so yummy – a blender that can actually crush ice instead of just spinning it around is definitely on my list, preferably to be obtained sooner rather than later so that I can enjoy tasty drinks all summer.

  12. joei says

    that vodka tonic slushee looks tempting!

    sorry, no champagne saturday stories to tell. been under house arrest because i hurt my back during a volleyball game. so even if it’s a holiday (independence day of our country), i’m stuck at home doing a vampire diaries marathon 😉


  13. Caitlin says

    The site looks great! I want to hear more about this all-white party and purple dress… and hey, may not be the “swankiest” but home repairs are always fun 🙂

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