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How to See your Favorite Pages’ Facebook Updates

Like many of you, we’ve found it frustrating that we don’t see many of our favorite pages’ Facebook updates anymore…And if you like BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ve missed many of our updates as well.  The fact is, Facebook changes their algorithm often and it just keeps getting more difficult for us to reach our audience over there.

We’re definitely not above paying to play. We understand that Facebook is a business, but even when we do “boost” our posts, all of our fans aren’t privy to our updates, so we decided to take a page out of Mommies with Style’s book and tell you about a work around that will, hopefully, allow you to see more of our updates, as well as updates from other pages you like.


To see the updates from a page like ours show up in your Facebook feed more often, try taking the following steps: 1. Like our page if you don’t already. 2. Under the “Liked” button in the upper right hand corner of our page, there is a drop down menu. Click on “Get Notifications.”

It’s as simple as that! We hope we start seeing more of you lovely readers over there. We’re having lots of fun on Facebook! And sometimes we even post about exclusive giveaways over there, so come on over!


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