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Summer Ready Nails and Cocktail Inspiration

This post is sponsored by Target.


If there are two things I love about summertime, it’s a fun mani and a tasty cocktail….and said cocktail is even better when it contains bubbles. Since every magical summer day is a reason to  celebrate in my book, I headed over to one of my very favorite shopping haunts, Target, to pick up a bottle of bubbly and a little cocktail inspiration…After strolling around the store a bit, I found myself eying up the citrus juices and decided on grapefruit juice instead of sparkling wine’s more traditional partner, orange juice.


Mimosas are just fabulous, but have you ever tried swapping out the orange juice for a different type of fruit juice? Much like its citrusy sister, grapefruit juice is a perfect partner for sparkling wine, plus it has a little more bite, which I love. And what’s a cocktail without a garnish? Being that my son is raspberries obsessed, we nearly always have them in the fridge, which worked out great here, because what makes for a better tasting garnish than a raspberry? Simply top off your grapefruit bubbly cocktail with a fresh raspberry and you’ll have a perfectly pretty summer-ready drink…


You’re going to want to hold your summer cocktail with a fabulously manicured hand, right? Haha! Have you seen the new Essie Summer Neon Nail Polish collection? I tend to go darker with my manis in the cold weather months, so when the warm weather hits, I want to rock bold, bright nails. The Summer Neon Collection is full of so many fun, vibrant hues, it was hard for me to pick just one. So, I didn’t. I snagged Melody Maker, an oceanic inspired shade, and Vibrant Vibes, a sherbet(ish) green. For this particular mani, I went with Melody Maker. It looked so lovely next to the beautiful citrus color of my cocktail.In fact, I loved the color combo so much, I do believe those two hues need to be paired in an outfit very soon, but I digress.


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to find what you need for summer-ready nails and cocktails, you can’t go wrong with Target!

Find your style @Targetstyle.


  1. Heather says

    I like to use pineapple juice to give things a tropical flare. I can’t see the pictures in your post, but the cocktail and your nails sound beautiful!

  2. Crystal says

    My husband and I are hosting the next monthly neighborhood BBQ. I can get it all at Target, and since I’m going to have a crazy hectic week I am so thankful for one-stop shopping.

  3. Holly @ Woman Tribune says

    I’m a little jealous that you can pick up alcohol at Target. Living in Pennsylvania, we can only buy alcohol at state liquor stores. Such an inconvenience! Love your cocktail idea, and those Essie polishes are great!

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