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Summer Bucket List

Jake in Rain

In the past I haven’t really been one to make seasonal bucket lists. I often thought the idea might create too much pressure for me to get everything done, or make me realize how little I’d actually accomplished. But recently I’ve had a change of heart. Our household has been busy lately. A little too busy. Too much work and not enough play. Last week was a very rainy week. Kind of a downer after a gorgeous weekend of hot summer weather. On the fourth grey and rainy day in a row Jake was losing it. This kid needs to run! On day four he turned to me and asked if he could go out in the rain. It was one of those moments that would have been easy to say no to. I had the baby in the car seat and we had just gotten home. I had things to do and it was so tempting to say, “No. I need you to play inside and let me get work done. The dishes, the emails, the phone calls all waiting…”

But I saw the desperation in his eye. So, I surprised him and said YES!, grabbed his rain gear and the camera and out we went. The result was about thirty minutes of pure joy and watching him splash and catch rain drops was addicting. I DO want to make the most of this summer and not by crossing off items on an unattainable To Do list, but rather through lazy afternoons and ice cream eating. So, here’s my take on a summer bucket list! What’s on yours?

Summer Bucket List

Jumping in the Rain

Frog in Rain

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