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5 Great Gadgets for Dad

Father's Day Gadgets


Father’s Day can be a tricky day to shop for. You want to get your husband or father something to show them just how much you care, but a lot of men just aren’t that excited over new clothes or brunch. Sure they put on a good face about it, but a lot of guys just want a fun gadget to play with. So, to make all our lives a little easier, here are 5 fun gadgets for Dad to give to the father in your life. And we’ve made sure to select a variety of price points, so that no matter what you want to spend there is something that fits the bill. This, a homemade card, pancakes and a hug from the kiddos should do quite nicely in my house.

1. Go Pro Hero – This camera is so cool and really gets the creative juices flowing. It has a wide lens and is waterproof  letting Dad capture the kids in all sorts of fun environments.

2. Grilling gloves! Ok so these would work in any scenario where you need to touch something hot, but definitely are great for grilling and using a smoker. They aren’t expensive and a total game changer when it comes to having to move food on a hot grill!

3. This TomTom cardio watch is perfect for runners who want to really track their running and their heart rate. I’m not one for running with my phone so this watch is a great way to really track my progress without monitoring emails. Sometimes it’s best to just leave the phone behind for a few. I also love the large display that’s visible while you move.

4. I am in love with this Tile Item Finder. Compatible with the iPhone and Galaxy, you just attach it to whatever items you tend to lose around the house the most. Ahem…car keys anyone? Then when you lose them, you just activate your phone and it shows you on a map where it picked up the signal last so you can retrace your steps. It even tells you when you are getting warmer. Yes, please!

5. The BeoPlay A2 is a portable and powerful speaker that has amazing sound quality and looks sleek. It can be on the pricey side so it’s perfect for a guy who is really into high quality items that also make a statement.

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