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Sweet 5 Year Anniversary Tablescape

This weekend Floyd and I celebrated our five year anniversary. I can hardly believe it’s been five whole years since we said our vows on a beautiful Jamaican cliff (you can see all our wedding details here). It’s incredible how time truly does fly when you are having a blast! What a whirlwind the past five years have been. We’ve had so much fun, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next five! And since I wanted to show my honey just how much I appreciate our time together, I decided to surprise him with a nice little date night in…which leads me to this anniversary tablescape idea!

To set off our date night, I created a little special space for us to celebrate and, wait for it, it wasn’t in the kitchen where we eat most of our meals. Somehow setting up a romantic table setting for us away from our typical kitchen table made it so much more special. And anytime you’re talking romance, the unexpected is always a plus!

Brunch Tablescape

I found these carnations at Fresh Market for only $5! Is it just me or does their deep rich color help set a romantic tone? See? Carrie Bradshaw had it right. Carnations CAN be fabulous!

Brunch Tablescape

I’m also loving these Pheasant placemats, courtesy of Citta Design.  The fun pattern and colors are so versatile and can work in both dressier and casual table settings.

Brunch Tablescape

A special treat adorns each place setting. Yum!

Brunch Tablescape

A photo of the big day sparks a walk down memory lane.

Brunch Tablescape

So, have you ever taken an unexpected turn and set up a dining space in a totally different room from usual? What do you think of this anniversary tablscape?Any thoughts on how I can take it to the next level? Inquiring minds want to know!

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