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Champagne Saturday: Well Hydrated

Happy weekend!  It’s bright and sunny and things are looking up.  Although I’m still rockin my PJs, which I’ll spare you all a glimpse of.  My trip to Albuquerque left me with a nasty cold.  I’m blaming the woman with 6 kids scattered around me on my Southwest flight, but I totally forgive her.  I mean she had SIX KIDS! ON A PLANE!  A cold is peanuts compared to what that woman experiences on a daily basis, I’m guessing.  So despite my love for the good ol’ bubbly, I’m drinking lots of fluids.  And when I feel like I can’t take another glass of OJ or H2O, I turn to my flavored bubbly water to make me at least feel like I’m drinking something fancy.

By Thursday I was feeling well enough to venture out in public and with a gift certificate to a local sushi spot about to expire, Floyd and I decided to make a date of it.  Its the beginning of fall weather as well as the boat show here in Annapolis right now, so I thought a slight nautical theme was in order.

What I’m wearing: J Crew 3/4 cashmere sweater (I get one almost every year for Christmas and boy do they stand the test of time!), BCBG wide leg trouser jeans, Stuart Weitzman studded heel sandals (1/2 off!), and a red and navy Kate Spade bag I received as a gift from my friend Kate (not as in Spade, ha!) way back when.

Champagne Saturday

So how about it?  What are you up to this lovely Saturday?  Wearing anything fun?  Send us a link and we’ll post you up!  Cheers!



  1. Sarah says

    Looking gorgeous!
    I felt like wearing my dark jeans and comfy & colourful sweaters this weekend, cause the weather got really cold lately. And anyway, I spent most of the time watching lots of movies on my notebook with my roommate, drinking wine, killing time… ha!


  2. Nikolett says

    WHOA at six kids! I’m sorry to hear you’re sick, though 🙁 that’s never fun. Right now I’m just wearing gym clothes (very fancy, huh?) but I love your outfit! Hope you get better soon!

  3. Emma says

    Ooooo I love those shoes! I’ve been trying to spring clean the house today and get rid of some junk……unfortunately it looks worse than when I started!!! Have a great weekend x

  4. Jessi says

    Girl, you are rockin’ the trouser jeans!! I think that cut of jeans is universally flattering 🙂 I’m still rockin’ the sweats (I move slow on Sat morns), but will hopefully be in something cute soon for my fall mountain excursion 🙂

    Feel better soon!!
    xoxo J

  5. Michelle says

    You look so great! I’m all about jeans and a college t-shirt today. It’s rainy and miserably cold and windy, so we’re staying inside and watching college football all day!

  6. Viktoria says

    Love those shoes! I’m sick, too, but I’m sitting in a tee and shorts. And I can only wish I got sick from a plane ride! It was one of my 20 pre-k kiddos who got me sick…

  7. Lyddiegal says

    You look so cute posing with your refrigerator, hehe!
    Flights can be so brutal, hope you are feeling better soon, and are able to enjoy your sushi!
    (I’m really grateful that gift certificates aren’t allowed to expire in CT, because I’ve got a few that have been lingering around for years!)

  8. katie says

    HOTTIE! My office is at the Boat Show right now! All the way up from Charleston! (Beneteau Display!) I am trying to get them to bring me some crab chips!

  9. caitlin says

    hahah love your forgiveness for the mom with 6 kids you make a good point. I hope you feel better- loving that outfit! So stylish. I also love that you get new sweaters every year at xmas.

  10. Diana says

    Oh, I hope you’re feeling better soon, sweetie! Btw, I love your positive attitude… better to have a cold than 6 kids, lol!

    Happy weekend to you girls 🙂

  11. Beautifully Invisible says

    Glad you are feeling better – I know how you must have felt. I too caught a nasty cold last weekend, and I am STILL not fully recovered. Must be that time of the year. You look great in those photos – LOVE the heels!

  12. persis says

    you look gorgeous! i love your kate spade bag from kate. now if only my friend marc would follow suit and gift me a marc jacobs =)

    p.s don’t forget to enter my new giveaway contest!

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