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My Kitchen’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

You might remember a month ago when I mentioned we were having a light fixture installed and I was stuck at home with the electrician?  Well I figured its about time I show you what all the noise was about. I absolutely fell in love with this over-sized filament chandelier from Restoration Hardware.  Even with a coupon in hand, it was a bit of a splurge, but we just knew it would make the kitchen pop.  It was installed, then reinstalled six inches to the right (not kidding), and then the ceiling had to be patched up and painted.  The whole thing was quite an ordeal.  It was totally worth it though, and I love the feeling it gives of an old French bistro.  The only thing is that I now have to clean that cloudy glass.  I tried Windex and it was a bust.  Up next is a mixture of distilled water and ammonia – a weekend project all its own.  Its the light fixture that keeps on giving people.

But lets back it up because we’ve been busy with lighting in a few other ways.  When we built our house last year, we knew we wanted under cabinet lighting.  It just makes chopping veggies, not your fingers, SO much easier!  Well the builder was going to charge us an astronomical amount for something we just knew we could find a way to do for less.  So what we (aka Floyd) decided on was to have the builder strategically place outlets in specific cabinets that all lead to the same light switch.  We then bought two packs of these lights from our home away from home, Home Depot, for less than $100. Floyd then drilled a hole in the bottom of each cabinet with the outlet inside, and was able to mount the lights underneath and run the cord through the cabinet and plug it in.

And voila, things got even brighter!

But we didn’t stop there.  Ohhh no.  We took the need for wattage to the next level and bought a pair of these Bancroft bedside table lamps from Pottery Barn!  They are even better than I’d imagined and I now can read my mags before bed without squinting, which means less wrinkles, which in turn means less future Botox, which is really expensive so…you can see that these were actually quite a deal!  At least that’s how I sold it when I got home, ha!

How about you guys?  Any home projects that you’ve been up to?  Ever buy a great lamp only to ask yourself what took you so long?


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