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How to Wear Tortoise Jewelry

Tortoise is BACK in a big way baby and this girl couldn’t be any more thrilled! That’s why we’re going to be talking about how to wear tortoise jewelry today. You see, I’ve rocked tortoise glasses and sunnies as long as I could remember and have always been drawn to the retro vibe that tortoise accessories have to offer. So, when I saw that tortoise jewelry was trending, I was super psyched at the prospect of adding some more tortoise pieces to my collection.

Now I realize we’re probably all experiencing some post holiday budget fatigue. We might not be ready to invest heavily in our 2019 wardrobe quite yet. That’s why picking up a few new accessories is such a great way to reinvigorate your style. You can stick to budget friendly pieces that you can add to outfits you already own. Or if you reaslly love tortoise, you could invest a little bit more. Luckily, you’ll have plenty of options! Shopbop is full of them!

How to Wear Tortoise Jewelry

how to wear tortoise jewelry

Now my favorite way to wear tortoise jewelry is in earring form. Statement earrings are as hot as ever and a large and in charge pair of tortoise hoops would look super fierce. Think about how fabulous they would look with a fittted sweater and your hair swept up in a messy topknot! If you’re a mom, you’re messy topknot master. Am I right? But I digress…Of course your tortoise earrings don’t have to be hoops, drop earrings are just as killer and they can make even more of an impact the bigger you go. And there are so many options with even the print. You can go lighter or darker with your tortoise. You can even rock some sort of mixed situation, hello read and tortoise together! It’s hard to go wrong here friends. I’m all about fashion trends that are EASY to wear. Aren’t you?

And if earrings aren’t your cup of tea, a bangle, bracelet, or even cuff is always a solid choice. If you find yourself sticking to darker colors in the cold weather months, a lighter colored tortoise bracelet can add a nice pop of color to your outfit while still being neutral. I actually rescued a few cuffs from my mom’s jewelry box a few years back, so think about checking with your family members who are likely to have held on to their trends of the past. They just might have some unused tortoise jewelry wasting away!

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More Winter Fashion

So, if you have some gift cards are cash that you were gifted over the holidays burning a whole in your pocket, I suggest you look into tortoise jewelry STAT. I’m willing to bet you’ll wear it all season long and right on into spring and summer too! Personally, I’ll be adding some tortoise hoops to my 2019 style and I can’t wait to show you how I’ll wear them!

Now that you’ve seen our take on how to wear tortoise jewelry, for even more winter fashion fun, check out our take on how to wear buffalo checks. Don’t leave this print in the holiday dust. Bring it with you into winter! There are still plenty of opportunites to work buffalo checks into your winter wardrobe. Sadly, we still have some time before we can focus on our summer style. Haha!

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