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The Hands Down Most Perfect Tote Bag

I had been on the hunt for the perfect tote bag to use for work and travel for what seemed like years. It felt like this elusive rainbow unicorn that I would never find. That was until the Athenea bag from Maxwell Scott entered the picture.

After all that searching, I had a pretty lengthy checklist. And when I saw my friend Kirsten carrying it, I stopped dead in my tracks and just had to know where it was from. Clearly this is hands down the most perfect tote bag I had ever seen.

Gifting a Special Bag

A special gift

Before I break down all the details of this bag, I just had to share this photo. I mean how cute is Max?! He knew this was something special under the tree and was so excited to watch me open it. We are working on what it means to have a giving heart this holiday season. After the abundance of birthday celebrations and holidays I’m hoping these talks add some balance. Hey, a mom can hope! His enthusiasm though on this morning was just adorable.

A special tote bag gift

This bag feels special from the moment you pick it up. It’s hand crafted in Italy from a luxe leather. And the classic English design feels instantly chic. Maxwell Scott bags are so well made that they come with a 25-year warranty. Another detail that makes it feel special is the personalization. I opted for gold embossed initials. Those little touches really make a difference!

Why This Is Hands Down Most Perfect Tote Bag

I decided to put this tote bag to the test, carrying it with me everywhere for over a week. Here are a few reasons why I think it’s fabulous.

Maxwell Scott Tote Bag

My laptop easily fits. This means that I can slide my laptop into one side where it is secure and unscratched. Even better there are two sides separated by a zipped middle pouch. The laptop slides into one side, then my wallet and keys go on the other. In the middle I can keep make-up, a few kid snacks, and any chargers I need. How perfect!

The entire tote bag zips. This is the largest selling point for me. I have dozens of tote bags that don’t zip close. An unzipped tote means that when I’m traveling for work my wallet and laptop are out in the open. Having the zipper keeps my valuables more secure, and also keeps items in place when I have to tuck it by my feet when flying. No one needs to find my cell phone three rows back!

It has the perfect handles. The slim long handles of this bag make it perfect for tossing on your shoulder and heading out the door. They are just the right length and very comfortable. They also make it easy to put on the edge of your chair so your bag isn’t on the ground at restaurants.

It’s gorgeous! Did I mention that in addition to all of that, this tote bag is just gorgeous. It’s a timeless look that works for every meeting, lunch date and office event I have to go to. It feels very chic without being too flashy.

Maxwell Scott Athenea Tote Bag

Can you tell that I’m in kinda obsessed with this bag? Maxwell Scott has so many other timeless leather goods too. I’m thinking this Maxwell Scott travel bag (aka dopp kit) filled with shaving goodies would make a great gift for my husband this year!

Disclosure: A sample was provided for this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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