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The Best Workout App for Busy Moms

Is getting in better shape one of your goals for the new year? Then you need to try the best workout app for busy moms, Gixo! I know getting in shape is a bit cliché as far as new year resolutions go. So, how about we just say we’re focusing on healthy lifestyle changes instead? Say you’re already in shape and just want to keep the good times rolling. Maybe you’re really ready to buckle down and work harder. Either way, this workout app is for you! But before we get into the nitty gritty, I want to share something with you. Why don’t I give you the skinny on why logging in more sweat sesh hours is a focus of mine this year. It’s a very simple reason really. I’m doing it for my kids.

When I’m eating right and staying active, I’m definitely more fun to be around. When I feel better, my mind is clearer and my outlook is brighter. Those good vibes then spill over into all aspects of my life. And, as such, I’m able to put more energy into my business, my marriage and my kids. It’s amazing how much committing to a cleaner lifestyle can feel like a total reset. So, now that the new year is here, it feels like the perfect time to really commit to a new fitness journey this year. No more excuses. No more, “I’m too tired.” No more, “I’m too busy.” I’m going to get out there and sweat more than just a couple times a week in 2019. Mark my words! And Gixo is going to help me!

The Best Workout App for Busy Moms

So, what is Gixo you ask? Well, Gixo is a workout app that comes complete with both live and on demand workouts. And you can take on your phone any hour of the day. How cool is that? I’m talking about cardio, strength, yoga, stretching and more! You can do your workout of choice whenever it’s convenient for you. That is exactly why Gixo is the best workout app for busy moms. I don’t know about you mamas, but sometimes the best time of day for me doesn’t exactly fall in line with traditional fitness class hours. Now, thanks to Gixo, I can either see if there is a live class scheduled during my free time or I can take advantage of the on demand option. It’s that easy!

How the Gixo Workout App Works

In fact, today I really felt like getting outside, so I took my son with me for a live walking class. And that gave me an idea of just how exactly the Gixo workout app works. Not to mention that my kiddo had a blast spending time with me and I felt great about showing him how important staying active is. It was fun listening to our coach together and we were both inspired by the leaderboard…Haha!

Our coach would shout out everyone’s pace and mileage every so often and that turned out to be an awesome motivator! I also loved being able to see my stats right there on the screen whenever I looked down at my phone. And if you want to get even more involved with the interactive features of this app, you can send messages and photos to everyone in the group during your workout too. It was such a fun, unique experience that I can’t wait to take my next class!

Are you inspired yet? Maybe the fact that all the coaches and instructors are real, certified personal trainers will help you make your decision? How about the fact that the coaches can modify your workout according to your fitness level? I’ve yet to see a pre-recorded app that can do that! At just $14.99 a month or $179.99 for the year, I’d say you can’t afford to NOT try out this workout app! I mean where else can you get motivation and accountability from a coach at a bargain rate?! And if that wasn’t enough to get you downloading, we have a discount code for you!

Gixo Discount Code

Use the discount code, taketimeforstyle, on the Gixo app to get a 7-day free trial and 20% off either a monthly or one-year subscription. That’s a good, nay, a GREAT deal friends!

And now that you’re ready to try out the best workout app for busy moms yourself, make sure you connect with Gixo on Facebook for class updates and more! I’ll “see” you there!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. This app comes at just the right time! I’m walking more this year to get rid of some extra baby weight.

  2. I need this app and I don’t have any children. Thanks for sharing the app is a wonderful resource when working out.

  3. First time to hear about this Gixo workout app and it sounds really cool to use. I am a working home mom and no time to go to the gym for a workout and I think this is the best workout app for me to use.

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