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Local Favorite: Florida Salt Scrubs

Now that spring is upon us, I’m ready to slough off that dry winter skin of mine and face the day with softer, more supple skin. If I don’t have time to make my own salt scrub or sugar scrub, I now turn to one of my favorite new finds, Florida Salt Scrubs. I came across this divine scrub at one of my favorite local boutiques, The Gifted Fig, here in Tampa. As soon as I took one whiff of it, I immediately bought some for myself and my bestie.


If you’re looking for a scrub that will leave your skin insanely soft and delicious smelling, Florida Salt Scrub is for you. I selected Lemongrass for myself and Key Lime for Megan. Both are 100% all natural. I had to give Meg something that would remind her of her Florida roots. Haha! They’re both such invigorating scents and she’s already asked for a refill. Haha!


So, what are some our your local favorites lovelies?

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. 

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