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Easy Summer Braid Tutorial

If you’re looking for a fresh new style to wear this summer, try our easy summer braid tutorial!

easy summer braid look how-to

There is something about summer that always makes me want to rock braids…It’s such a carefree, spirited style and there are so many different ways you can work braids into your summer look. From my personal go-to style, the tousled side braid, to more involved hairstyles like this half-up side braid that I’ve been rockin’ more and more recently, I can’t get enough of braids. And by the way, more involved here means a few minutes to execute versus a few seconds. Haha! Hey, we’re busy moms right? We don’t have all day to spend on our hair! That doesn’t mean we don’t want to look cute though. We still have time for that!

And that little bit of time is well worth spending in my book…Bring on the braids baby! I’m not kidding when I say that you’ll seriously find me wearing some form of a braid most days during the summer, so I’m glad this “trend” is sticking around. Truth be told, I have been braiding my hair since I was a kiddo, so I don’t see myself giving the look up anytime soon whether braids are on trend or not. Who’s with me? Braids will forever be timeless in my opinion.

So, without further adieu…I’m going to show you how you can create your own 3-step summer braid with our easy summer braid tutorial. I had a fiend help me out with this one because she was doing my makeup for our photo shoot, but you could easily tackle this easy, 3-step braid yourself! It’s that simple…You could even rope your kiddo into helping you. Mine will jump at any chance to play hairstylist. Haha!

Simple Summer Hairstyle How-To


Step 1: Part your hair on one side.


Step 2. Take a small section from the other side of the parted hair and braid it.


Step 3. Sweep the braid to the side toward the back of your head and pin.

off the face summer hairstyle

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See how I told you it was easy! It’s all in the name. Bwah! I bet you’ll turn to this easy summer braid tutorial again and again once you’ve tried it once! It’s literally as simple as completing steps 1, 2, 3 and you’re done. For minimal effort, you can give your look a little something special! And it keeps your hair out of your face. That’s all this girls wants in the summertime.

I live for any styles that won’t leave my tresses hanging in my sweaty, I mean glistening, face. Who’s with me? Haha! Snow that you’ve seen my easy summer braid tutorial, I would love to know what are you favorite summer braid styles are! Or maybe braids aren’t your go-to look. What is? Inquiring minds want to know! I’m always looking to experiment some more!

Summer just officially started after all…We have plenty of hot days ahead! And speaking of hot days, check out our friend Krystal’s wine slushie, pink lemonade style. How fabulous would you look with your new braided ‘do sipping on a glass of this? Mmmmm! 

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