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Easy Summer Braid Tutorial

There is something about summer that makes me want to rock braids…It’s such a carefree, spirited style and there are so many different ways you can work braids into your summer look. From my personal go-to style, the tousled side braid, to more involved styles like this half up side braid that I rocked in yesterday’s outfit post. And by more involved I mean, it takes a few minutes to execute versus a few seconds. Haha!

That time is well worth spending in my book…You’ll find me rockin’ some form of a braid most of the summer, so I’m glad this “trend” is sticking around. Truth be told, I have been braiding my hair since I was a kiddo, so I don’t see myself giving that up anytime soon whether braids are on trend or not. Who’s with me?

So, without further adieu…here’s how you can create your own 3-step summer braid with our easy summer braid tutorial…I had my beauty guru, Annelis Diaz, help me out with this one because she was doing my makeup as well, but you could easily tackle this easy, 3-step braid yourself!


Step 1: Part your hair on one side.


Step 2. Take a small section from the other side of the part and braid.


Step 3.  Sweep the braid to the side toward the back of your head and pin.

See how easy that was? 1, 2, 3 and you’re done. For minimal effort, you can give your look a little something special! So, now that you’ve seen my easy summer braid tutorial, I would love to know what are you favorite summer braid styles are! I’m always looking to experiment some more!

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