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Project Runway Eliminated Designer Interview

project runway

As most of you probably know by now, a certain silver haired gentleman was sent home last week. Bert, the designer that seemingly drove everyone crazy at first, only to end up somewhat charming them lost the challenge because he, essentially, loathed the color palette he had to work with. I think we all knew that color wasn’t his favorite and you could see almost instantly that he was going to struggle with the tropical bird he had to base his look on.

project runway

I wasn’t surprised that he was sent home due to his pageant style gown and neither was he. When I asked him if he agreed with the judges’ decision and whether he thought it was his time to go home, he said…”I don’t think it was my time to go home, but this last challenge wasn’t what I was all about. I was stuck with that bird because of the color. I think they made the right choice. I wish I had brought my second look. It was much more about what I was about.”

project runway
On that note, I inquired as to weather the collection he showed at fashion week was more reflective of his aesthetic. He had this to say…”It’s only the tip of the iceberg. It was a very well edidted collection. I want to expand upon that feeling, but be more current. I need to push the envelope a bit.” It sounds to me like he’s looking to evolve, which is admirable. At this stage in the game, he could be stuck in his ways.

As for what’s next on his agenda, he said that he’s “in LA, working on a couple clients. I’m making something for Julie Bowen. She’s a real modern woman.” On a side note…I adore Julie Bowen. I am SO addicted to Modern Family!

Bert had these parting words about who’s got what it takes to win…”Me…Just kidding. They’re all good designers. I feel Anya is very creative, I just think she needs to throw a wider net around her repertoire. She doesn’t have the expertise to execute. I think Viktor has a real focus on who his client is. Josh M. has a lot of potential, but he needs to edit.” I can’t argue with any of that. Can you?

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