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Style Challenge: Two Bloggers, One Fall Trend

Last week I posed a challenge to one of my favorite bloggy buds, Naina from Style’N. I thought it would be fun if we selected a fall trend and each styled it. Naina suggested the poncho. I jumped at the chance to work this particular piece into my wardrobe as I love the look, but just hadn’t pulled the trigger and bought one yet. So, I headed over to my favorite vintage shop, Misred Outfitters, and lucked out by scoring a fabulous vintage poncho. It was part of the same haul as my red blazer and gold mesh bag! It was quite the successful trip, but I digress…

vintage poncho

vintage poncho

I decided to style my poncho (similar here) with Banana Republic skinnies (similar here), a vintage necklace also from Misred Outfitters, a family heirloom gold cuff, my T+J Designs Glam Leatherette Ring and my beloved vintage suede boots. Y’all know I’ve been itching to bust out my mama’s boots!

What do you think lovelies? Is the poncho welcome in your wardrobe? And on a side note…I would love tips on how to keep fringe untangled. I untangled the fringe on my poncho umpteen times only to have it tangle up again. Le sigh.

Now that you’ve seen my look, head on over to Style’N to see how Naina styled her poncho! And when you’re done with that, check out my guest post over at The Loudmouth Lifestyle!


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