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Cheerful Scarves for a Dreary Winter

It wasn’t necessarily cold here in Tampa today, but it was definitely dreary. It was one of those chilly, rainy days that just makes you want to stay all cuddled up inside. It’s definitely the kind of day that a bright, cheerful scarf would be perfect for. If the weather’s been icky in your neck o’ the woods, be it rain or snow, why not pick up a bright colored scarf or two?


Green infinity scarf scarf / Coal blue infnity scarf / Lava infinity scarf / Chevron infinity scarf / Cara Accessories infinity scarf / Poverty Flats infinity scarf

These powerhouse accessories are SO versatile. You can add a fun pop of color to your neutral colored t-shirt and jeans outfit or slouchy sweater and leggings look and I just bet you’ll perk up in no time! Since this part of the winter is always the hardest for me (once the holidays are over, I’m ready for spring), I rounded up a slew of cheerful scarves to help us all get through it!

The only question is…which color or print would most help you face this dreary winter?

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