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The Perfect Winter Mom Uniform

This winter has caught all us here in the sunshine state a bit off guard. We usually get our cold snap a bit later in the year and there have been a few now that have brought us to or near freezing temps. And while we are, admittedly, not used to all this cold weather, it does mean that I’ve been able to fire up my fireplace to my heart’s content AND I’ve been able to bring out oh so many sweaters to play! Hey, I live for cozy sweaters and I don’t typically get to wear them nearly as much as you northern friends do. So, I’ve been fully enjoying my new mom uniform.

cozy sweater

What is a mom uniform?

A mom uniform is that go-to look that you can throw together in mere minutes, feel great in AND be totally comfortable in. All us busy mamas need one. And that goes double for this time of year. After a loooooooong holiday break, we’re headed back to hectic schedules. I don’t know about you lovelies, but cute and comfy are my style goals for my day to day this year. And I am going tell you about one fail proof fashion combo that never fails me.

winter style

infinity scarf

Thunderbird moccasins

Get ready for the perfect mom uniform…

First you need an oversized, cozy sweater. There is nothing like curling up in clothing that feels like you’re wrapping yourself up in your favorite blanket. Next, you’re going to want a pair of skinny jeans with a good amount of stretch in them. Remember, comfort is king. And, finally, you’re going to want to top things off with a scarf and shoes that could double as slippers. Haha! On a side note…I can get away with moccasins this time of year, there being no snow and all, but you want might want to go for ankle boots.

Now you could just shop this post using the links I provided below, but you could also turn to Stitch Fix for an even easier shopping experience. Seriously, Stitch Fix makes it really easy for you. You can simply order a winter “Fix” and send a note to your stylist for exactly what kind of pieces you’re looking for. I, for example, requested comfortable pieces that I could layer with. And my stylist listened…This infinity scarf has done a great job of keeping me warm in the elements and stylish inside. It was definitely a keeper!

mom uniform

I promise you’re going to want to LIVE in this mom uniform…

And for more fun winter style ideas, check out how to wear more winter sweaters. I’m all about pieces you can dress up AND down with ease. I always try to share as many multi-purpose pieces with you that I can. A mama’s wardrobe needs to be functional with a capital F!

More Stitch Fix Finds

And for even more Stitch Fix styling, check out some winter floral inspiration via a gorgeous floral blouse outfit!

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  1. That scarf and sweater are perfection and perfect for a northeast weather (where I am freezing my tush off right now). All I want to do is curl up and read my kindle app, but life makes me dash around like a mad woman instead. I’ve never tried Stich Fix, that’s awesome that you can specify what kind of clothes you want for the seasons.

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