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Valentine’s Day Wish List: Lingerie

So, it may be a little late in the game for a Valentine’s Day wish list, but frankly, these goodies would be welcome in my life any day of the year…not just on Valentine’s Day. Let’s talk lingerie. It’s something we all need…and probably don’t buy enough of. Is your lingerie collection filled with pitiful pieces you’ve owned for ages? Well, then it’s time to upgrade ladies! Every girl feels better when she feels great in everything she’s wearing and that includes what’s under her clothes.


Now, I’ve been a fan of Vanity Fair bras for ages now and Lily of France is a new favorite, so I thought I’d share a few goodies that were sent to me recently. Comfort, support and beauty…these bras possess all three. The trifecta if you will. The Vanity Fair Body Caress Beauty Back Bra in Shy Pink, the Lily of France Sensational Lace Luxury bra in Black Steele and the Vanity Fair Illumination Front-Close Bra in Steele Violet would all make excellent additions to your lingerie drawer. Just sayin’! Not only are they all gorgeous, but they do what they’re supposed to do…make you look fabulous in your clothes!

In fact, you may not want to wait for  your Valentine to shop for you. Why not shop on your own? Vanity Fair is running a 25% off sale through 3/2/15. I’d say that’s inspiration enough to check lingerie off your Valentine’s Day wish list and treat yourself!

Disclosure: We were not paid for this post. We were given samples.



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