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Spring Shorts Outfit Ideas

I know it still may be a bit chilly in your neck of the woods, but I promise you, warmer days will be here soon and you want to be ready for them. That means shorts…lots and lots of shorts. I know what you’re thinking…You don’t wear shorts right? I used to be there. Thanks to a thyroid condition it’s been a struggle to lose weight the past few years, so I haven’t always been the most comfortable in shorts. But last spring, I just decided to let go of my hangups and look for some shorts that worked for me. I mean, why by hot if I don’t have to be? And on that note, I decided to focus on shorts for today’s Moms Do Spring Style feature! Here are two easy breezy spring shorts outfit ideas…I can’t wait for you to see what our partner, Momma in Flip Flops, is wearing too!

spring shorts

Denim Shorts and Mixed Prints

And what I found was that I’m really drawn to relaxed(ish) jeans shorts. Not so relaxed that they make me look bigger, but not so tight that they’re unflattering. In fact, both Megan and I seem to go that route when we’re looking at shorts outfit ideas. Denim shorts are just so easy to style. For this look, I rocked mixed prints with with my drawstring denim shorts. Stripes and animal prints have always been a favorite combo of mine.

shorts outfit ideas

Denim Shorts and Lace

I think Megan feels the same way about neutrals…And they look great on her! The neutral lace of her flowy top is such a special detail. Don’t you think? And speaking of flowy tops, if you’ll notice, we both rocked them for these shorts outfit ideas. Again, they aren’t TOO flowy, but are just flowy enough to be flattering.

Moms Do Spring Style

Now that you’ve seen how we’ll be wearing shorts this spring, head over to Momma in Flip Flops to see her spring style ideas! And don’t forget to enter to WIN our $150 Nordstrom gift card giveaway!

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