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Day 2 of our Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaway Week; And Martina Hingis Makes a Comeback!

Welcome to Day 2 of our Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaway Week!  We have some awesome items up for grabs in hopes to show how great our lurve is  for you all!  So let’s get down to business!

First up we have this lovely necklace from none other than Alex Keller. You can find her on Twitter and at her lovely blog too!

Alex Keller Gold Necklace

Next, enter to win this awesome flat iron, a Corioliss Classic Pro, from Misikko.

Moody Mamas has offered up a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner.  However anyone can shop their site and and save a huge 30% off the entire site using the discount code: MM Discount.

target cowl neck dress Ebony

And last, but certainly not least, is Modern Bird . This amazing painting is a 12″ x 12″ personalized piece valued at $215!  What a great way to cherish a favorite memory! Check out this one they made for Kristin of her hubs and the dude. Modern Bird is also offering a 15% off discount code that expires one week following the end of the giveaway. Use the code: BONBON.  Following this fabulous shop on Twitter and liking them on Facebook will get you an extra entry! This prize is only open to our friends in the lower 48 states and if you’ve one a Modern Bird piece previously, we’ll put you in the running for our other prizes.

Here are the ways you can enter to win these fab prizes {you don’t have to leave a separate comment if something is worth more than 1 entry}:

1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {1 entry}
2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries}
4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}
5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry}
6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry}
7. Tweet about our giveaway {2 entries}
8. Blog about our giveaway {3 entries}
9. Grab our new button {2 entries}

All giveaways will close next Monday, July 19th at midnight central time. And make sure you enter yesterday’s giveaway if you missed it!

So, in a personal update, last night I caught up with Ashley, of Champagne Saturday Pool Noodle fame, and after a glass of wine and thorough catch-up session, we headed to a Washington Kastles tennis match.  We’re still not sure about the rules, but all I know is that every year for a few weeks we get to see tennis legends play in the heart of the city.  Both Ash and I were huge Martina Hingis fans back in the day so it was great to see her out on the court!  Sometimes, it’s just nice to sit outside and catch up with friends and take in a low-budget sporting event, whether it’s tennis or a minor league baseball game!

Disclosure: Kristin was provided with a personalized piece by Modern Bird  at no cost to review.

washington, dc city tennis

Martina Hingis


p.s. The dude is famous. Check out his appearances at Carma Sez and La Vie…J’aime!


  1. Allison says

    1 Alex Kellar—I like the Knocker necklace
    2. Misikko- Hanna Professional flat iron
    3.Moody Mamas—well if I were prego I’d like the Teal chic chiffon dress.. (the link is messed up here)
    4.Modern bird- Petite bird necklace
    (I entry)

    I follow on friend connect. (5 entries)
    I’m a rosebud. (5 entries)
    I “like” your facebook page. (1 entry)
    I follow you on Twitter (1 entry)
    AND–I have your new buttons on my blog (2 buttons)

    Damn, I guess I love y’all and stuff!

  2. Life of a Doctor's Wife says

    I’m in love with the Alex Keller jewelry! How cool that it’s recycled too! My faves are the silver and pearl riches necklace and the black and white in chains necklace. But there are tons of gorgeous options – wow!

  3. jenni roseland says

    LOVE the Secret is Safe necklace by Alex Keller. I would also like the Chi Pro Dryer in Pink, Moody Mamas wasn’t working for me this morning – the link, that is, and I love that little bird necklace by Mondern Bird.

    I follow via Google Friend Connect.

    I am a Rosebud!

  4. christina c says

    Love the pull me in – vintage drawer pull necklace from alexkeller, the HANA Professional
    Flat Iron 1″ from Misikko, Box Pleat Chambray Dress from Moody Mamas, and the
    Personalized Mama Bird and her Little One Necklace from Modern Bird.

  5. Meghan says

    So excited for yet another fab giveaway!

    1.) From Alex Keller, I really love the “Knocker – Vintage Drawer Pull Necklace”. From Misikko, I would take the flat iron shown above because I don’t even have one to begin with! The link to Moody Mamas wasn’t working for me, but from Modern Bird, my favorite item was the “Lily of the Valley Little Bird necklace”.
    2.) I follow through Google Friend Connect.
    3.) I am a member of the Rosebud Network!
    4.) I follow on Facebook.
    5.) I follow on Twitter.
    6.) I am about to post the giveaway on Twitter now! @CompilationTape

  6. Michelle says

    I love tennis, even though I don’t really understand it either, haha!

    Alex’s grey garden necklace (which I hope is named after the movie!!) is adorable!

    I could really use the T3 Tourmaline hair dryer from Missiko…I use such a cheap-o one!

    The MM box pleat chambray dress is super cute. And I’m not sure if the link is working, but I just googled =).

    And I love the Modern Bird sterling and glass ring!

    I follow through GFC.
    I’m a rosebud!
    I’m a subscriber
    I follow on fbook.
    I follow on twitter. (michellewthonel)
    I tweeted about the giveaway
    and I have a button!

    Thanks girls!

  7. Audrey Allure says

    My favorite item from alexkeller is: green with envy necklace
    My favorite item from Missiko is: Croc Hair Dryer- Designer Red
    My favorite item from MoodyMamas is: Evening Sweetheart Dress
    My favorite item from Modern Bird is: Under Water Drops – sterling silver earrings
    I follow through Google Friend Connect!
    I joined the Rosebud Network!
    I follow on Twitter!

  8. Luisa says

    Love these gievaways. I think I keep saying that everyday! lol

    So here goes…
    Alex Keller: Fell in love with the silver starlet bracelet. (So Chan Luu)
    Missiko: love the Pink Pro Iron+Travel Iron Gift Set
    Moody Mamas: link was not working
    Even though I dont qualify to win ( i am canadian) from Modern Bird i did like Mid Century Modern Kitty Cat necklace
    I follow you guys already through GFC
    I follow your blog
    I already follow on twitter and facebook
    I have tweeted about youtr giveaway @weezieme

    Well thats all of it i believe, now i am tired. need some coffee!

  9. shelby Bukhenik says


  10. Anaiz says

    1. Pull me in-vintage drawer pull necklace from Alex Keller; Enzo Milano Clipless Curling Iron from Misikko; Box pleat chambray dress from Moody Mamas; Lily of the valley little bird from Modern Bird.
    2. Following through Google Friend Connect
    3. Rosebud member
    4. Subscribed!
    5. Following on Facebook
    9. Have a button.

  11. krystal says

    ok…phew. i have followed you on twitter, followed modern bird on twitter, tweeted about the giveaway and i follow you in google. gracious!

  12. Emily says

    Ooo so many lovely products.
    The chandelier drop – vintage beads and crystal – a necklace of vintage and recycled jewelry from Alex Keller is stunning!
    I like the Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Fast Drying Sculpting Spray from Misikko.
    I enjoy the entire Modern Bird Portfolio. All the prints are so intriguing!

  13. Emily says

    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} Yes
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} Yes
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}Oh yah!

  14. Kortnie says

    Alex Keller-Crystal Clear Bracelet
    Misikko-Farouk CHI 2-in-1 Ceramic Digital Curling & Flat Iron
    Moody Mamas-This site wasn’t working for me this morning
    Modern Bird-Petite Bird Necklace

  15. Shalon says

    1 Alex Kellar—I like knock knock – vintage drawer pull necklace.
    2. Misikko- I love the Corioliss Wand Ceramic Curling Iron .5
    3.Moody Mamas—I’m not a mama yet but the Nifty Nautical Dress is super cute.
    4.Modern bird- i love the modern bird bloom series

  16. Elliott says

    1. Alex Kellar – LOVE the Emma necklace. It goes with everything, n’est-ce pas?
    Misikko – I want to get mah hands on a Chi. I hear it changes your life.
    Moody Mamas – As I am not PG, I refrain from commenting on this one. Don’t want to tempt fate!!
    Mod Bird – I love their pieces, especially the black ones. So simple and gorgeous!
    {1 entry}
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} check.
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} check.
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} check.
    5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry} check.
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} check.
    7. Tweet about our giveaway {2 entries} check.
    Lordy, that was a lot to type! 🙂

  17. jessica says

    Okay love me some tennis you know that! So happy to see her back in the swing of things- no pun intended! LOL!
    I have been wanting a modern bird print FOREVER! Oh I hope I win! I do all of the entries and I will tweet about it now!

  18. Erin Nicole says

    1. Modern Bird-I love their work!! My favorite custom piece they have in their gallery is #40, the image of the mother and boy. My father passed away when I was young and I would absolutely love it if I could make something like that of him and I.
    2. Following you! I just had a quick look around your blog and I love it already!! 🙂
    3. Joined the Rosebud Network. I am new to your blog and think this is a fab idea, I will definitely be coming back often!!
    4. Subscribed to your blog!!
    5. Following you on facebook!
    6. Following you on twitter!!

  19. Lucky Dame says

    Alex Keller – Love the seahorse pendant!
    Misikko – Chi 1″ curling iron!
    Modern Bird – I have the cutest pic of my kids that I would love to have them ‘redesign!’
    Follow you on twitter
    Tweeted the giveaway (devilishdame)
    Subscribed to blog
    Also Google Friends Connect

  20. Melissa says

    From Misikko, I love the CHI Professional Pink Dryer Limited Edition.

    From Moody Mamas love the Box Pleat Chambray Dress.

    From Alex Keller, love the crushed ice – a necklace of recycled jewelry.

    From Modern Bird, love the Little bird Necklace – sterling silver peace dove.

  21. Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl says

    Ahh I love and want this Alex Keller necklace!! Exactly the kind of jewelry piece I lack in my wardrobe, yet even I think it’s a staple!! I also loved the idea of those super pretty “crystal clear” bracelets – they looks like such cute delicate watches, so fun! Also loved “gold vintage in chains” and “goldie locks” woth pearls necklaces!

    & I follow you via Google Connect!

  22. Kelsey says

    1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {mandatory-1 entry} – CHECK!
    ‘Gold and Pearls, Darling’ Necklace (because I really don’t have enough gold at this point. Seriously. I need this necklace.)
    BaByllis Hot Rollers. Pump up the volume. 🙂
    Classy Capris for the maternity clothes. Wish I’d had them with my first!
    The 12×24 size from Modern Bird would be so pretty above each of our nightstands. I would do some artful close-ups of kisses, baby toes, that kind of thing.
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}
    5. Follow us on Facebook – CHECK!

  23. Gwen says

    Just followed you guys through Google Friend Connect; just subscribed to your blog; I now follow you on FB & Twitter; Just tweeted about your FABULOUS giveaway!

    Thanks, ladies for the fun!

    • Gwen says

      Also, just realized I forgot to add what I like about each vendor/prize provider!
      Alex Kellar – trio – violet – a necklace of vintage and recycled jewelry LOVE It because it reminds me of my birthday in Feb and goes with everything!
      Misikko – Love their pink prof hair dryer, nothing says I’m the only girl in my house, quite like that!
      Moody Mamas – Not Preggers, but would make a lovely gift for a preggo friend of mine!
      Mod Bird – I’ve had my eye on them for a LONG time…they do wonderful work that is not the same old family photo!

  24. betsy says

    Great giveaways girls!
    I follow you on twitter,facebook,subscribed to blog and am a Rosebud.:)
    Also, tweeted about the giveaway.
    Love vintage luck necklace by Alex Keller
    I have been wanting a custom print from Modern Birds of my two kids for awhile. Love their work!

  25. Jessica says

    Love this giveaway!!

    Alex Keller – love the silver starlet bracelet
    Misikko – really like the Chi pink hair dryer
    Moody Mamas – link’s not working?
    Modern Bird – love the modern bloom prints

  26. Mandy Ford says

    I love Alex’s purple haze necklace – gorgeous!
    I could really use a flat iron, so that is my fave item from their site
    So I’m not pregnant but I could still see myself wearing Moody Mamas Box Pleat Chambray Dress – adorable!
    And I love Modern Bird’s pre-designed floral prints.

  27. meghan says

    at alex keller, i love the to be wed – pearls and pearls – a bracelet of vintage and recycled jewelry.

    at misikki, i like the flat iron.

    at moody mamas, i like the sweetheart dress.

    at modern bird, i like the screen print idea.

    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} CHECK
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} CHECK
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} CHECK
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} CHECK
    7. Tweet about our giveaway {2 entries} CHECK
    9. Grab our new button {2 entries} CHECK

  28. wendy sue says

    great giveaways as always
    alex keller- grey gardens necklace
    need the T3 tournamline dryer for the gym bag so maybe my hair can look good at work!
    MM-love the it’s a girl shirt!
    modbird-i’d totally do a custom work of my dog!

  29. stacy says

    Nice giveaways… I so don’t need a flat iron. I don’t think it’s possible for my stick straight hair to get any flatter!
    I have to confess, I didn’t know what a pool noodle was until just last week!

  30. thebeautyfile says

    I stalk you on all ends…I want that Moody Mama’s gift card!!!!!!! Facebook, twitter, google friend connect…what else do you want from me….blood??! Haha!

  31. Jenny says

    FUN!! I need a flat iron bad, I’ve been procrastinating but boy I gotta get me one! Loving the necklace! Awesome!!! I puffy heart you guys!!!

  32. Shea says

    Another fun giveaway!! From Alex Keller, I’m totally in love with the Day at the Beach necklace. From Missiko, I really just want the straightener you’re giving away–it’s the perfect size for my hair! And if I were prego, I would choose the Nifty Nautical dress (in reality, I would just give the gift card to a my friend who is preggers). Finally, from Modern Bird I would just have to have them do a print of my cute dog.

    Also, I’m a rosebud, I have the button, I follow with Google FC, and I follow on Twitter!

  33. Melissa B. says

    Well, let’s see…
    1. Ice earrings
    2. Moisturizer
    3. It’s a Girl undies (I have 2 chicas, so this makes sense)
    4. And I love, love, love the beach shot of The Dude…I’d take that, or I have several lovely OBX snaps that would make a great personalized piece of art!

    Thanks for the chance to win some of this awesome bling!!

  34. carma says

    from Alex Keller – the Avriel necklace
    from Misikko – Farouk Biosilk Tourmaline hair dryer
    from Moody Mamas – leather cross over belt
    from Modern Bird Studios – colliseum print

    follow via GFC
    following on Twitter (CarmaSez)
    blogged about giveaway
    got your button

  35. EmmyLou says

    I’m a follower, I’m a part of the network, I’m subscribed, I follow on FB and Twitter 🙂 xo
    Y’all have some of the best giveaways on the block!

  36. Sandy a la Mode says

    From Alex Keller, I love the black and white in chains – multi silver chains and beads – a necklace of vintage and recycled jewelry.
    From Misikko, I like the Hanna Professional flat iron – flat irons are awesome!
    From Modern Bird, I love the Petite Flower Necklace – sterling silver

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  37. Mara says

    my straightener just broke so I’m looking for a new one! what timing 🙂
    I’m a follower of course 🙂
    I love going to tennis matches! I used to support my friend’s bfs team in college and it was always so fun!

  38. anna! says

    I love that necklase! ‘Though, I’m too young for it, but I wont enter, because I’m almost to young for any of these things!



  39. chantele says

    1. love the little bits of amethyst! I have a huge thing for amethyst!
    2. I really want a curling wand right now!
    3. Im not pregnant nor intend to be any time soon and all my friends have just had babies, so someone else should really win this one!
    4. Love the big daisy print!!!
    I do 1+6

    Daisy Dayz Home

  40. Gracie says


    1. Alex Keller – Little bits – Amethyst; Misikko – Corioliss Ceramic curling iron o.5″; Modern Bird – Any of the custom work for couples.
    2. I follower with GFC
    3. I’m part of the rosebud network
    4. I follow on Twitter
    5. I have your new button

    Thanks lovely ladies 🙂

  41. Jessica says

    Oh! Please enter me into the Modern Bird giveaway. I just returned from an amazing vacation with my boyfriend (our first one together!) and I’d love to commemorate it. I’m loving their designs with the brown ink on a white background.

    I follow through Google Friend Connect
    I joined the Rosebud Network
    I follow you on Twitter

  42. Lynzy says

    My favorite item from each vendor:
    Alex Keller: Ice Queen Bracelet
    Missiko: Enzo Milano 1″ Curling Iron
    I am not pregnant, however, If I was I would choose: Sweetheart Dress from Moody Mamas
    Modern Bird: Pink and Orange Butterfly Print


    I follow with google friend connect
    I grabbed your button!
    I subscribed to your blog!
    Joined the Rosebud network 🙂

  43. Lu Lu says

    Another day of great giveaways! I love:

    Tropics Bracelet from Alex Keller. So awesome that her jewels are recycled!

    Two Layer PJ Set for the nursing mama (me!) from Moody Mama.

    And Modern Bird, well I can’t pick anything other than the offered print. It’s Daddy & Baby-Lu!

  44. Lu Lu says

    OH, and I have the BonBon button on my blog.

    (Feel like I’m leaving too many entries, but throwing caution to the wind, I wanna win!)

  45. Heather says

    Love the crystal clear bracelet.
    I would want to try the HANA professional 1″ flat iron.
    I would get a friend that’s expecting the leather crossover belt.
    I follow on Twitter & Google.

  46. Katy Mary says

    The Dude really is famous! What a cuite, I want those Utz Cheeseballs….anyway, I love Alex Keller! That necklace is divine, I’m also loving the Last Dance necklace, love the pearls & metal together! From Misikko I’m in love with the pink CHI hair dryer! Since I’m not pregnant Moody Mamas is probably not for me but I would love one of those custom photo prints from Modern Bird, so awesome, the one they made for Kristin is fantastic! So I’m a subscriber, a follower with google, with Twitter, and a Rosebud!

    Love the pics from the Tennis match! I’m going to a Minor League ball game tomorrow, sometimes their more fun than the bigger games!

  47. Jenni says

    1.)From Alex Keller I adore the Last Dance Necklace!!! From Misikko I would love any of the CHI’s but if I must choose…pink please!! The Lily of the Valley bird from Modern Bird is lovely…as for Moody Mamas, i’m not pregnant, so please let someone who is win that one! (+1)
    2.) I follow you on Google Friend Connect (+5)
    3.) I have Joined the Rosebud Network (+5)
    4.) I Subscribe to the blog (+2)
    5.) I Follow on Facebook (+1)
    6.) I Follow on Twitter (+1)

    Total of 15 entries please 🙂

  48. Amanda says

    That necklace is great! 🙂
    I’m going to do this all in one comment, I hope that’s not a problem!
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} Check!
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} Check!
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} Check! (through Google Reader)
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} Check!

    That would be 13 entries, Alex 😛 Or Megan & Kristin 🙂

  49. Mande says

    Megan, you & Kristin have the BEST giveaways!!
    My faves from each vendor:
    Alex Kellar: The Gray Garden necklace….how is that not sold? It is gorgeous!
    Misikko: Need & want the Pink Chi HairDryer, limited edition
    Moody Mamas: Loving the nursing Cap Sleeve PJ set.

  50. Lyddiegal says

    1. Alex Keller “knocker – vintage drawer pull necklace”
    Misikko – “HANA Professional Flat Iron”
    2. Following through Google Friend Connect
    3. Following on Twitter

  51. Christy says

    Wow, great giveaway!

    Loving the mama said necklace from Alex Keller, the Stunning Silk Charmeuse Dress from Moody Mamas (I really need a shower dress!), and I would LOVE to have a new flat iron and a custom print!

    I’m a blog follower, twitter follower and facebook fan!

  52. Jamie Delight says

    Pearly necklace – Alex Keller
    Chi Professional Hairdryer in pink-Misikko
    Box Pleat Chambrey dress – Moody Mamas (for my preggers sister)
    The pre-design Bloom series are gorgeous! – Modern Bird Studios
    (I have a few photos I’d love to have done of my own, too!)

  53. Ria says

    1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {1 entry}
    Modern Bird:Love the flowers pre designed series(also follow them on fb and twitter so +1?)
    Moody Mamas :V-Neck Maxi Dress
    Misikko:HANA Elite Flat Iron 1″ 100% Ceramic
    Alex Keller:crystal clear – a bracelet of vintage and recycled jewelry

    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} Done as Ria
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} Proud member
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} done!
    5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry} already following as ria kod
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} @riakod
    9. Grab our new button {2 entries} already at my blog
    my email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com

    ps.yaaaaaaaay for the dude!

  54. Sandy says

    from Alex Keller-the crystal clear bracelet (love it!!)
    from misikko-model in a bottle
    from moody mamas-if I were pregnant I would totally love the chic chiffon dress in teal (the color is great!)
    from modern bird-I would get a design of my dog ( I just may have to do it with the discount!!)

    I follow with GFC.
    I am subscribed to your blog.
    And I have a button on my blog!

  55. Julie says

    alex keller has some beautiful items! i like the bar necklace

    misikko – i want the hana elite 1″ flat iron

    moody mamas – suppper cute dresses, i like the sweetheart dress

    modern bird – what an awesome concept, i def want to get one of those photo art pieces!

  56. Mama K says

    From Alex Keller, I love the To Be Wed Pearls Bracelet!
    From Misikko, the CHI Pink Hair dryer is my fav!
    From Moody Mamas, I like the Box Pleat Chambray Dress!
    From Modern Bird, I would definitely get a picture of my son!

    I follow!
    I’m in the Rosebud network!
    I follow on facebook!
    I have your new button!

    (14 total entries) 🙂

  57. Maudy says

    1. Alex Keller – the crystal clear bracelet, Misikko – CHI pink hair dryer,
    Moody mamas – anything comfy!, Modern bird – my favorite photo of my little boy who we recently lost to cancer.
    2. I Follow through Google Friend Connect
    3. I subscribe to your blog
    4. I follow you on Facebook

  58. Janelle*Ashton says

    Alex Keller=golden necklace,Misikko=CHI pink hair dryer, Moody Mamas=wonderful fluid comfy clothes, Modern Bird something floral!
    I follow through Google friend connect, I subscribe to your blog, and I’ve just joined the rosebud network. Thanks for 12 chances to win your fantabulous giveaway!
    Best wishes.

  59. Georgia C. says

    Fabulous giveaway !
    from Alex Keller: golden garland necklace.
    from misikko: Corioliss Classic Pro
    from moody mamas: Sweetheart Dress
    from modern bird: Under Water Drops

    I follow with GFC.
    I am subscribed to your blog.


  60. Pam Keener says

    I like the Pearlized earrings from Alex Keller, The Enzo Milano Clipless Curling Iron from Misikko, If I were preggers the leather crossover belt from Moody Mamas & I would love to get a picture done on Modern Bird even one of the bloom series is awesome.
    I subscribe to your blog via GFC, e-mail & Reader.
    I like BBR on FB/Pam Keener
    I follow BBR on Twitter/ pam4290

    Love & Hugs,

  61. Vanessa says

    From Alex Keller – I adore the pearls in gold necklace. so delicate!

    From Moody Mamas – NIfty Nautical Dress. who knew maternity clothes could look so cute.

    From Modern Bird Studio – I love the print of the Coliseum.

    From Misikko – I could use a new hair dryer. The CHI professional pink dryer is great.

  62. Phoenix Peacock says

    1. From Misikko, I like the Bio Ionic Nano-Ionic Round Brush; from Moody Mamas I love the Chic Chiffron Dress in Teal… I think that is a perfect pre-preggo, preggo, nursing, and post pregnancy dress! I’d totally wear it throughout my whole life cycle!; From Alex Keller I really like the Mama Said necklace… it could go with everything!; and from Modern Bird I would probably due a photo of my deceased father and I {1 entry}
    2. I Follow through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
    3. I’ve joined the Rosebud Network {5 entries}
    4. I Grabbed the new button {2 entries}
    Total{13 entries!}

  63. Elly says

    And more lovely things!

    From Alex Keller: The Silver and Pearl Riches necklace.
    From Misikko: all of their flat irons look great! (and I’d love to get one, at some point…)
    And the personalized artwork is just beautiful!

    Also, I am a follower through Google Friend Connect.

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