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Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaway Week, Day 1. Plus, the Dude’s Bday Party Details!

Happy Monday lovelies and welcome to the first day of our Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaway Week! We wanted to do a little something to say thank you to all of you loyal readers who have followed us over from our Blogger blog and welcome all our new readers…So, with the help of some amazingly generous vendors, we have a whole week worth of goodies to give away!

Today three lucky winners will win one of the following:

A $75.00 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs

lisa leonard designs

I would love to have this little necklace with my fellas’ names on it!

The “Anchor Home” Tote from Ruche

ruche tote

Could the nautical look get any cuter? Isn’t the anchor just precious?

Three lovely letterpress cards from Blushing Pearl

blushing pearl

blushing pearl etsy

blushing pearl etsy

Snail mail just got a whole lot sweeter!

You can also take advantage of the Blushing Pearl giveaway the lovely shop owner has on her site through July: Order Business or Calling cards from the shop (or click on any of the below links) and you will be entitled to (1) re-order for the same quantity, same information/design….for FREE! Upon ordering, be sure to enter BPSTUDIO#1 in the notes to seller to activate this offer. Offer expires 1 year after your purchase date.

Here are the ways you can enter to win these fabulous prizes {you don’t have to leave a separate comment if something is worth more than 1 entry}:

1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {1 entry}
2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries}
4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}
5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry}
6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry}
7. Tweet about our giveaway {2 entries}
8. Blog about our giveaway {3 entries}
9. Grab our new button {2 entries}

All giveaways will close next Monday, July 19th at midnight central time.

We didn’t want to completely abandon our regular posting schedule this week as we know not everyone is into entering giveaways…so, I decided to share with you some details from the dude’s second birthday party this weekend.

We decided to go with an airplane theme, as he is totally and completely obsessed with them right now and boy was he psyched about it. I think he screamed airplane about a million times! I was lucky enough to have a little professional help with this party. We’ ve been insanely busy in our house lately. Between the hubs’ workin’, applying to business school, the blog and my writing for Shoptopia I was  a little overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for the dude’s party. Enter the lovely Jackie Fo and one of her “Fo Fabulous Custom Party Planning Packages!” She sent me ideas for everything from decor, to favors and the menu. She helped make planning the party so seamless for me! Here are some highlights from our toddler soiree…

etsy airplane invitation

The invitations from Etsy shop Love Is Enormous.

etsy bunting

The bunting is from Etsy shop Spring Chick.

red, white and blue bunting

airplane cake

I ordered the chocolate and banana bavarian cream cake from a friend of mine who just graduated from pastry school. Not only was it fabulous to look at but it tasted outta this world!


The rest of the desserts consisted of store bought cookies and cupcakes. I looooooove to bake…but what can I say? Mama ran out time, so I pulled a Sandra Lee!

party menuI kept the menu super simple and easy. We had sloppy joes, Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets (which I got for the kiddos but the adults totally dominated), pasta salad, baked beans, fruit salad, chips and pretzel rods.

airplane party favors

This is the loot the kiddos made off with.

the dude

The dude’s party ensemble consisted of an airplane polo from Target, patchwork plaid shorts from Gymboree and Sperry Top-siders from Stride Rite. It’s his first outfit post! HA!

cool kids

Check out this adorable balloon wreath that Rosebud Network Member Cool Kids featured on her blog. I’ll have to remember this for next year!

I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my weekend. We had such a blast celebrating our little man’s second birthday and ended the day with some Mommy, Daddy and dude play time in the yard. He splashed around in his kiddie pool while the hubs and I sipped on a couple o’ cold ones. It was heavenly!

Before I go I have some links for those of you that have been following my Shoptopia lists, here are a couple new ones: What Not to Wear to Court…AHEM Lindsday Lohan (don’ts for defendants, dos for the rest of us) and Carrie Underwood Got Married! Let’s Shop for the Newlyweds! (domestic goodies to help feather your nest). Thank you SO much for clicking through and showing your support. I heart ya to the moon and back! Now go and enter to win these killer prizes!


  1. Scientific Housewife says

    I absolutely love the party theme and decorations!

    1. I love the family crest necklace from LL, the anchor tote from Ruche, and the Talavera Bday card from Blushing Pearl.
    2. I Follow through Google Friend Connect
    3. I joined the Rosebud Network
    4. I subscribe to your blog
    5. I follow you on Facebook
    6. I follow you on Twitter
    7. I grabbed your new button

  2. Kiley says

    From Lisa Leonard Designs….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Thin Sterling Cuff and the Family Tree Necklace…GORGEOUS!

    From ShopRuche….I LOVE A day in chantilly chiffon top

    From Blushing Pearl….I LOVE a Simple Mahalo

  3. Brianna says

    From Blushing Pearl,
    I LOVE the Fifi French Poodle and Lace cards
    From Ruche,
    The Bonnie Wedge Sandals are SO precious
    From Lisa Leonard Design
    The Sweetheart Tree Necklace I WANT!

  4. chantele says

    Oh love it!
    1. The sweet and simple birdie necklace
    2. The Floral Mirage Dress
    3. The French Collection set

    I follow here, twitter, FB and am a Rosebud (yay!) Will add giveaway to my blog sidebar too.

    I have a giveaway to if you would like to enter!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  5. Johanna says

    Happy birthday littlest dude! His first “what I wore” post is fantabulous, he’s quite the fashionable dude 🙂 Party looks great too! Sis you ever finish the bathroom or have I been neglectful in my post reading???

  6. Mande says

    What a fab little party for the dude! That cake is so cute!! Happy Birthday to your little man.

    Love this giveaway!! Visited Ruche and I am crazy about the Night at the Opera Necklace- very elegant and classic.
    Loving Lisa Leonard’s large link charm bracelet- simple & so ME!!
    I think I will be ordering some of the French chandelier and lace cards at the Blushing Pearl. Love those.

  7. jessica says

    Okay amazing giveaway! i can basically check off each rule because i just love you girls and I already do each one. However, I already have the lisa lenoard necklace with my son mono that my husband gave me- swee I know- so I will bow out of this contest but it is a killer and a girl is going to be very lucky! Love the site again and again!

    On another note- when youget the chance tell me your honest opinon about my new look! 🙂

  8. doodlesbylauren says

    Am loving that Ruche bag!

    And your baby’s 2nd birthday looks fantastic! That airplane cake ROCKS! I really wish at least ONE of our kiddos had a nice weather birthday…outside fun is the best!

  9. Maddy says

    Wow! This post is jammed packed with loads of goodies!! Happy Birthday to your little guy!! The airplane theme is so cute and that cake…amazing!! There were too many things in Lisa Leonard Designs website for me to decide on one, but I collect ornaments (or at least starting!), so I would definitely want one of her ornament designs 🙂

    I’ve done all of the following:
    *Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
    *Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries}
    *Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}
    *Follow us on Facebook {1 entry}
    *Follow us on Twitter {1 entry}
    Grab our new button {2 entries}

  10. Mama K says

    1-I love the original necklace and the open circle necklace from Lisa Leonard! I love the fulani tribal design earrings from Ruche! And I really like the Blue Magnolia Flat Notes from Blushing Pearl!
    2-I’m a follower 🙂
    3-I’m a rosebud!
    4-I follow you on facebook!
    5-I will add the giveaway to my sidebar!
    6-I have your new button!
    (17 entries)

    Great giveaway! Thanks! And I love that cake!! So cute!

  11. valentine says

    I love the itty bitty hearts necklace from lisa leonard.

    the blue magnolia cards from blushing pearl

    and the its a cinch bag from ruche

  12. Taylor says

    Great give away!!!! Plus your little Man’s outfit recap is GREAT! SO cute and perfect for the party!!!

    For the giveaway:
    1: -From LLD- The personalized notecards….with my NEW married last name would be AWESOME!
    From Ruche: either a shipmates dress (perfect summer staple or…the ribbons and bows silk dress!
    2:I follow through Friend Connect! 🙂
    3: I am a Rosebud GIRL!!!
    4: I follow the blog, duh! HA!
    5: We are twitter friends
    6: And of course we could not forget FB friends too!
    7: I tweeted about it too!!!!

  13. Heidi says

    I’m totally coming back to enter the giveaway when I’ve got more time but wanted to say the birthday party looked fabulous! I love the airplane theme, and the red/blue color scheme. I’m in the midst of planning my babe’s first party and it IS overwhelming! My hubs keeps asking why it has to be the social event of the year! 🙂

  14. Jill says

    Wow that cake is adorable, this is one of the best themed kids parties I have ever seen.

    I hope (when the time comes) I can be half as creative as you are. ADORABLE!!

    Happy Monday !

  15. Christy says

    Looks like it was a great party! Love the decor and the cake – absolutely adorable!! Happy birthday to the little dude!!

    I am loving the teenie tiny initials necklace from Lisa Leonard, the ruffly roses clutch from Ruche, and the elephant letterpress thank you cards from Blushing pearl.

    I am a blog follower, twitter follower and facebook fan!

  16. Luisa says

    For the giveaway:
    1: -From LLD- The personalized notecards….with my NEW married last name would be AWESOME!
    Ok here is my list, love the giveaways. Once again u have outdone yourself!!
    From Lisa Leonard’s site, I love the Mama necklace. Can i wear that even if i am not a mother? Would love to wear that for my mother.
    From Ruche i would order Arabian adventure dress (wow), From Blushing Pearl i would order the Raspberry Magnolia Letterpress Printed Flat cards,
    I already follow u through google friend connect
    I read your blog and follow faithfully each day
    Follow u on
    Follow u already on facebook
    7: Tweet tweet!!!! @ weezieme

    • Luisa says

      @Luisa, oops someone else comment got mixed up with mine. The first line in my comment is not mine, pls delete. thanks

  17. ashlee says

    I love the airplane themed party! You did a great job.

    1. I now follow you are twitter
    2. I like your FB page
    3. I tweeted about the giveaway
    4. I love Lisa Leonard. I think my favorites right now is the Pewter Heart wall hanging and the sterling ring.
    5. My favorites from Ruche is the Flower Ruffle purse and the Summer’s in Bloom tote.
    6. My favorite design from Blushing Pearl are the Erin Letterpress printed tags.

  18. Kate says

    From Lisa Leonard, I love the songbird necklace!

    From Ruche I love the cunningly clever coral dress

    From Blushing Pearl I love the letterpress love coasters!

  19. Anaiz says

    That cake looks awesome. As do the invites. Great job!
    1.Love the thin sterling cuff from Lisa Leonard Designs; Pink Studio “Addy” Canvas ballet flats from Ruche; Welcome Little One from Blushing Pearl
    2.Following on Google Friend Connect
    3.Joined Rosebud Network
    5.Following on Facebook
    9.Using a button

  20. Leah says

    1- I love the illuminate necklace from,
    I could totally go for the morning mauve dress from Ruche
    Make A Wish-Single Card from BlushingPearl’s shop is too cute!

  21. Ria says

    1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {mandatory}
    From Blushing Pearl I like the xoxo I love you card (
    From Ruche I like this
    And from Lisa Leonards I like the lovebird necklace!So cute!
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}-Done!
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries}-Proud Rosebud! 🙂
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}-Done!
    5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry}-Done
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry}-Done!
    9. Grab our new button {2 entries}-Done!

    So 17 entries I guess!!!
    Ps.The cake looks amazing!
    pps.this giveaway is amazing! 😀

  22. Cassandra says

    I love…
    the cream freshwater pearl earrings from lisa leonard designs,
    the somewhere in your heart bow dress from ruche,
    and the French Chandelier and Lace cards from blushing pearl!

    I am a Google Friend.

    I am a Rosebud.

    I am a subscriber to your blog.

    I follow on twitter – @SassyBrideTN.

  23. wendy sue says

    1. love the teenie tiny initals necklace from lisa leonard, the criss cross wrap dress in coral from ruche, and the hello cupcake cards from blushing pearl
    2. I am a follower through google friend
    3. I am a FB fan

  24. Jessica says

    From Lisa Leonard Designs, I love the Banner Bracelet!
    From Ruche, I love the “Island” blue open toe sandals!
    From Blushing Pearl, I love the Eat Bridal Cake Shower Invitations!

  25. Silver Strands says

    Well, the “you are loved necklace” is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Then, from Ruche I LOVE the mustard clutch … and from Blushing Pearl I really love the blue magnolia. I’m a friend thru google friend connect, so I believe that gives me 6 wonderful entries!

  26. Christina C says

    From Lisa Leonard Designs Thin Sterling Cuff, the anchor tote from Ruche and the Simple Mahalo from Blushing Pearl.

    I did or do all of the below 🙂

    1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {mandatory}
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries}
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}

  27. meghan says

    I love the from up here necklace from Lisa Leonard, the Pink Studio “Parissa” basket weave wedges from Ruche, and the Erin Letterpress printed tags from blushing pearl.

    That cake is super cute, by the way.

    • meghan says


      1. Did that…
      2. Already follow through friend connect.
      3. Joined last week
      4. Check!
      6. Followed on twitter!
      7. Tweeting
      9. Got the new button!

  28. Meghan says

    Awesome birthday party, lady! You are the hostess with the mostess. That cake is too much!

    1.) From Lisa Leonard, I love the “Sweet and Simple Birdie Necklace”. From Ruche, it’s the “Somewhere In Your Heart Dress” I crave, and from Blushing Pearl, I dig the “XOXO I Love You” cards.
    2.) I follow via Google Friend Connect.
    3.) I am also a proud member of the Rosebud Network!
    4.) I stalk on Facebook.
    5.) I double-stalk on Twitter.
    6.) I just Tweeted – @CompilationTape

  29. Tamara Nicole says

    What a lovely giveaway!!!

    2. I follow you via Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
    5. I Follow YOU on Facebook {1 entry}
    9. I’m grabbing your new button {2 entries}

  30. Emily says

    Love the little dude’s cake!

    1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {mandatory}
    I would love to own the Starry hearts or Fly Free necklace by Lisa Leonard!
    The Blue Magnolia paper from Blushing Pearl is divine!
    The Sail Me to the Sunset top from Ruche has been a favorite of mine for awhile! I would love to own it too!

  31. Emily says

    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} I’m @Fettbot!!
    7. Tweet about our giveaway {2 entries}
    8. Blog about our giveaway {3 entries}
    9. Grab our new button {2 entries}

  32. Meli says

    Oh wow! This giveaway is insanity. What lucky readers we are!!!!

    1. Lisa Leonard – I love the open circle braclet so much…
    2. But, this anchor purse/tote is calling my name. I am loving everything nautical this season. Pick me, pick me….oops. Sorry. I also love the Summer is in Bloom tote as well. My oh my!!! How come I have not heard of them before??? Thank you ladies. If I don’t win….I can just go BUY!!!
    3. LOVE the spanish style muchas gracias note cards…so sweet!

    And that party is too cute. I am loving the red white and blue feel with the air plane. So all american. So perfect.

  33. Georgia C. says

    great party! 🙂
    and awesome giveaway lol
    at Lisa Leonard Designs, i love “my heart necklace”.
    from Ruche, definetly the “scarlett satin bow tie dress” 🙂
    at Blushing Pearl, i love the “Flora and Fauna Personalized Notes-Set” 🙂
    and i’m a follower here 🙂


  34. Traci B says

    Love the large initial bracelet , the emerald off the shoulder tunic dress, along with a couple of other really cute dresses & the pink ruffly clutch. There were so many cute note cards to choose from but I liked the raspberry magnolia the best!

    I’m a subsriber & friend through Google , I follow on Facebook & Twitter & I have the new button!!!

  35. Alicia says

    Aww, what a great 2nd birthday party!! Adorable touches and that balloon wreath is pretty amazing! 🙂 Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!!

  36. betsy says

    Kristen thank you for the link love!!! Love your site and love you girls!
    You threw an adorable party! Love the invite, bunting (I am obsessed with bunting!) that airplane cake and the favors! Great job!

    1. I have had my eye on the tiny square necklace for awhile from LL, so many cute things at Ruche but I love the skipper dress by Dear Creatures, and erin personal note from blushing pearl.
    2. I Follow through Google Friend Connect
    3. I joined the Rosebud Network
    4. I subscribe to your blog
    5. I follow you on Facebook
    6. I follow you on Twitter
    7. I grabbed your new button

  37. Piper Jacquelyn says

    The party looks so amazing – much more fun than the ones I remember from being a kid, ha ha! I love the balloon wreath.

    Giveaway info!
    -I love the Family Crest necklaces from Lisa Leonard. Gorgeous.
    -I adore the anchor bag, but also love the Restricted “Scrabble” oxfords – so cute! Every color, please, ha!
    -The ‘Let’s Catch Up’ card from Blushing Pearl are TDF and something I would totally utilize!
    2. I Follow through Google Friend Connect
    3. I have joined the Rosebud Network
    4. I subscribe to your blog in Google Reader as well as #2.
    5. I Follow on Twitter
    6. And I have your new button! (15 total, I believe)

    Thanks girls!

  38. Annie S. says

    I Love/NEED:
    the original necklace…from Lisa Leonard
    coiled bouquet striped dress in green from Ruche
    The Make a Wish cards from Blushing Pearl

  39. laura says

    first what a great party for the little dude. he must have been SO excited.
    thx for the opportunity for winning. from lisa leonard i love every corner of my heart and marked by love, from ruche i lovefloral mirage wrap dress and from blushing pearl i love raspberry magnolia and fifi stationery.
    have a greay week

  40. Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi says

    O.M.G. I am LOVING this plane theme! I am going to tell my husband he best be getting me a plane cake (and perhaps a ticket to go with?) on Wednesday!! The whole party looks great – good job!

    1. Love: The Open Circle Necklace, the Ruffles and Ripples Purse, and the Erin Personal Notes (matches my blog, no?) and those business cards!
    2. I follow through Google
    3. I joined the Network
    4. I follow on Twitter
    5. I tweeted (@SogniESorrisi)

  41. Helena - A Diary of Lovely says

    ooh what a great party, happy belated birthday!!
    ok… from:
    Lisa leonard: the family tree necklace and whoo do you love? are my faves
    Ruche: love the coral dahlia garden ruffle tank by Ark & Co
    Blushing Pearl: the Congratulations Love Birds- Letterpress Printed Single Blank Card and coaster
    I Follow through GfC, Facebook and Twitter+
    Thanks ladies xoxo

  42. Jen says

    Absolutely love the jewelry! I snooped around her site for a while and even commented on her blog. I am going to bookmark her site for future gifts. Thanks for letting us know about her.

  43. tara says

    1.lisa leonard- itty bitty hearts necklace
    ruche- adorned beauty leather ring in coral
    blushing pearl- XOXO I Love You cards
    2. follow via gfc
    3. i’m a rosebud
    4. i follow on twitter (@fabulousbutevil)

    pick meeeeee!!!

  44. carma says

    you did a fab job on the little guy’s birthday party!!

    From Lisa Leonard – I like the sterling ring and aquastone earrings
    From Ruche – the butercup flowercap
    from Blushing Pearl – the Love coasters

    Following via GFC

    Following on Twitter (CarmaSez)

    Got Ur New Button

    Blogged about the giveaway on my cheesy post today

  45. Becky says

    Love the single tag necklace from Lisa Leonard, from Ruche I like the gisele peche flower top, & from blushing pearl I love the Lust Personalized Stationery 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway gals!

  46. Sweet Southern Prep says

    How cute are all of these ideas?! I love it all!

    Just a heads up, I’ve got an award for you ladies tomorrow. Can’t wait to see where you ladies think you’ll be here in ten years. 🙂

  47. Shea says

    Okay–my fave from Lisa Leonard is the “From Up Here” necklace; from Ruche the Boutique 9 “Uziri” sandal heels; from Blushing Pearl the Vintage Gothic Personalized Stationary.

    Also, I subscribe to the blog, I’m a Rose Bud, and I follow on twitter! Love it!

  48. Allison says

    Omg, first and foremost, I absolutely ADORE all the decorations for your son’s 2nd birthday – that cake is INCREDIBLE! I’m also loving that fabulous wreath – and seriously, your son is too precious for words 🙂

    I love the oval monogram custom necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs – it’s so pretty and since I don’t have kiddos, I don’t have the need for too many charms! The “family crest” necklace is really special too!
    The “it’s a cinch” purse from Ruche is also absolutely beautiful – I love purses (though that anchor one is absolutely PERFECT for a summer bag, which I’m desperately in need of!).
    Blushing Pearl has so many fabulous things – I am really, really adoring the “Muchas Gracias” cards – what cute thank-you notes!

    I follow with Google friend connect, and on Twitter… I’m a Rosebud member (so fun!), and I’ve got your button! I also Tweeted about this 🙂

  49. Sandy a la Mode says

    I love the songbird necklace from Lisa Leonard, the gisele peche flower top from Ruche and the letterpress love coasters from Blushing Pearl! I must say, this is one super fabulous giveaway!!

  50. shelby Bukhenik says

    From Lisa Leonard, I really like the family crest neckaces…something different for sure!

    From Ruche I love EVERYTHING, but the crisscross wrap dresses were so cute!

    From Blushing Pearl the Je T’aime poodles card was cute!!

  51. Holly of So Chic Decor says

    I love the theme for his birthday party! What a cute idea.

    1. Love the Illuminate necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs, the chocolate kissed roses top from Ruche, and the whispy personalized stationery from Blushing Pearl.

    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} — DONE
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} — DONE
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} — DONE
    5. Grab our new button {2 entries} — DONE

  52. Melissa says

    From Lisa Leonard, love the from up here necklace.

    From Ruche, love the retro betty denim dress.

    From Blushing Pearl, love the Make A Wish-Single Card.


  53. Sherin says

    Great giveaway! I’m a Rosebud, and I follow via google and twitter.

    Awww, the birthday party looks amazing. The cake lokks so delicious and creative.

  54. jenni roseland says

    First, the birthday party looks like it was a hit! Love the little airplane theme and the dude’s coordinating outfit!

    ok, for the giveaway:
    1. lisa leonard: heartstrings necklace, i have been drooling over that for some time, ruche, the out of africa dress, and from blushing pearl, the chandelier cards.
    2. i follow through google friend connect!
    3. i am a rosebud

  55. Michelle says

    HAHA LOVEEE the Dude’s first outfit post. I’m amazed he likes bananas in his cake? Is he not a picky eater?

    I’ve ALWAYS loved Lisa Leonard. I’ve wanted to get her family tree necklace for my mum for awhile!

    The violet hill ruffle dress from Ruche is precious.

    And the chartreuse (my fave color!) magnolia notecards from Blushing Pearl are adorable.

    I follow you in GFC.
    I’m a rosebud!
    I’m a subscriber.
    I follow you on the ‘book.
    I follow on twitter.
    I proudly sport your button.
    And I tried to tweet but I got the fail whale =(. (OH, just got it! Yay!)

    LOVE this giveaway week, girls!!

  56. Audrey Allure says

    My favorite from Lisa Leonard is: The Marked By Love Necklace
    My favorite item from Ruche is: criss cross and wrap dress in coral
    My favorite item from Blushing Pearl is: Letterpress LOVE Coasters
    I follow you through Google Friend Connect!
    I joined the Rosebud network!
    I follow you on Twitter!

  57. Kortnie says

    Lisa Leonard-Mama Necklace
    Ruche-strolling through greece one shoulder dress
    Blushing Pearl-Raspberry Magnolia Letterpress Printed Flat Notes

  58. Elliott says

    Lisa Leonard- Key to my Heart necklace –
    Ruche- I love the tangerine basket weave clutch but I already have two orange clutches so I probably shouldn’t order it. Probably.
    Blushing Pearl- Je t’aime cards with the cutie pahtootie poodles!
    {mandatory-1 entry}
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} check!
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} check!
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} check!
    5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry} check!
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} check!

  59. rebecca says

    great giveaway! i love you are loved necklace. what a great everyday reminder! i have been loving the violet hill ruffle dress lately and the XOXO i love you cards are great! and i am a follower!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  60. estelle says

    This celebration looks amazing. You completely outdid yourself. Love the balloon wreath and the backyard splashing, beer sipping sounds pretty divine.

  61. Jenny says

    Let me tell you I totally suck as a mama ’cause my girl didn’t get a super awesome party like you gave the dude. Everything is so adorable!!! I’m a party planning loser – LOL!!!

  62. Gracie says

    Great great giveaways again

    1. Lisa Leonard designs – I love her Beautiful necklace; Ruche – Luck be a lady gray ruffle dress; Blushing Pearl – French Chandelier and lace

    2. I follow through GFC
    3. I’m part of the Rosebud network
    4. I follow on Twitter
    5. I have your new button


  63. Lu Lu says

    I love Lisa Leonard, always drooling over her goodies! I am wanting the “sweet & simple birdie” necklace lately.

    Besides the awesome nautical bag you’ve got for the lucky winner, did you see those “jules peep toe pumps”. Too cute!!!

    And Blushing Pearl, I love the “mahalo thank you” notes. I still write and send letters via snail mail.

  64. Jenni says


    1.)From Lisa Leonard I adore the Marked by love Necklace!!! From Ruche I could sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens!!! but with my honeymoon coming up I think that anchor tote would be perfect on the beach!! The Blushing Pearl, I love the Je t’aime cards with poodles! So darling! (+1)
    2.) I follow you on Google Friend Connect (+5)
    3.) I have Joined the Rosebud Network (+5)
    4.) I Subscribe to the blog (+2)
    5.) I Follow on Facebook (+1)
    6.) I Follow on Twitter (+1)

    Total of 15 entries please 🙂

  65. Amanda says

    I’m going to do this all in one comment, I hope that’s not a problem!
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} Check!
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} Check!
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} Check! (through Google Reader)
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} Check!

    That would be 12 entries, Alex 🙂 Or Megan & Kristin 🙂

  66. Nicole Q says

    1) Lisa Leonard – Love the Itty Bitty Hearts Necklace
    Ruche – Roselini Tuxedo Tank
    Blushing Pearl – XOXO I Love you cards (+1)
    2) Follow via google friend connect (+5)
    3) Follow via twitter @NicoleQ73 (+1)

  67. Karena says

    !) Blushing pearl busines cards in the floral motif are delightful. I love her giveaway!
    2) I love Lisa Leonards you are loved necklace annd her giveaway is divine!
    3)Ruches Chrystal colorful sndals are so Artisic and I love the nautical tote
    I am a facebook and blog follower!
    Kristen You are wonderful!!!!!!!!!
    Art by Karena

  68. becky says

    really like the hugs and kisses necklace, some kind of wonderful floral dress and the XOXO i love you cards.
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  69. Allison says

    I LOVE the party details. I can’t wait to be a mommy, so I can do all of the same. The new guy is very much a potential. You know me though—I can’t blog about it much!

  70. Erin Nicole says

    1. I love the dewdrop necklace and the itty bitty hearts necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs. There are so many fabulous ones to choose from!
    2. Following you through Google Friend Connect
    3. Part of the Rosebud network, and loving it 🙂
    4. Subscribed to your blog
    5. Following you on Facebook
    6. Following you on Twitter

  71. Sandy says

    oh my, the airplane cake is too cute!!!

    from lisa leonard designs-the songbird necklace.
    from ruche-the bittersweet goodbyes pocket dress
    from blushing pearl-the red, black and white gift tags

    I follow with GFC.
    I am subscribed to the blog.
    And I have a button on my blog!

    Thank you for the super generous giveaway week!!!

  72. Julie says

    lisa leonard designs – i like the paper lantern necklace

    ruche – loveee the lunch with my love dress

    blushing pearl XOXO I love you cards

  73. Miti says

    Hey Kristin! I’m back and I love the little necklace and the total is sooo sooo cute!!!!

    I was so excited about entering that I didn’t even check to see if I still could. ??? I hope so cause I’m lovin’um!!!

    So here I go in case I’m still eligible…

    I follow you here.

  74. Miti says

    Ok, I checked out Ruche and I loved just about everything on there! My favorites were the purses with all the little rosebuds!

  75. Miti says

    I’m also following on Google Connect but I’m not sure if that’s the same as following the blog or is subscribing the same as following the blog????

    I’m a GOOBER, I know…

    Now about that cute little party, I love it!! I love it when moms go all out for their kids birthdays. If anything is worth celebrating, it’s that, right!??? Right!!! Great job! Your friend did a really good job on the cake! From one baker to another, a BIG THUMBS UP!!

    I saw that wreath a while back and I’m definitely putting it on my craft to do list!

    Alright Kristin, that’s all from me for now. Hopefully next time I come back, I’ll be thanking you for the awesome prize…well, a girl can hope anyways. :o)

  76. Pam Keener says

    1. I crave the Heart String Necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs, The Royal Purple Ruffle Dress from Ruche & Whimsy Personalized Stationary from Blushing Pearl
    I follow your blog via GFC/pk4290
    I like BonBon Rose on FB/Pam Keener
    I follow On Twitter/pam4290

  77. Vanessa says

    That cake is too cute! Did you make it Kristen?

    From Lisa Leonard – I love the Sparkle Necklace.

    From Ruche – LOVE the tangerine basketweave clutch! So chic.

    From Blushing Pearl – I adore the French Collection set.

  78. Phoenix Peacock says

    1. I love Blushing Pearl and NEED the XOXO cards; the Tea Leaf earings from Ruche are totally my style and I love the Sugar Plum Tree Top; and I adore everything on Lisa Leonards Designs but particularly her Be Still necklace and From Up Here necklace! {1 entry}
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries}
    4. Grab our new button {2 entries}

    Total= 13 entries!

  79. Elly says

    Exciting giveaway week, thanks!

    From Lisa Leonard, I love the Sweet and Simple Birdie Necklace.
    From Ruche, so hard to choose! But I really like the “you’ll always be my first mate” dress.
    From Blushing Pearl, the “Let’s Catch Up” cards.

    Also, I follow you through Google Friend Connect!

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