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A Gorgeous Earrings Giveaway, the Dude Turns Two and Home Renovation Nightmares

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So, I’ve decided to come up for a fresh breath of NON PAINT filled air for a moment to bring you a fabulous giveaway today! If you’ve been reading our blog this week, you know that I embarked on a home renovation project a few days ago that has gotten WAY outta control. We thought we were done mudding the damaged parts of our guest bathroom walls…so we painted. Ummmmm, yeah…the walls, that have now become my nemesis, need yet MORE mud. And the dude’s birthday party is Saturday, so it has to be done by then. The hubs is gonna be burnin’ the midnight oil I guess. HA!

Speaking of the dude, he turned two yesterday. I can’t believe it. My little baby is on his way to becoming a big boy. When did this happen? Mama no likey. He want from this

the dude

to this in no time flat! Sigh.

the dude

Ok, that concludes my breakdown…On to far more interesting things like giveaways…A friend, and one of my favorite bloggers, has generously offered up this gorgeous pair of earrings from her Stella & Dot site.

stell and dot charlize earrings

I’ve only recently become familiar with Stella and Dot in the last year and I have to say, they have some fabulous jewelry! J’adore the earrings we’re giving away and I totally want to pair them with a little white dress like this Of Two Minds number that you can score from! Can you say perfect Summer ensemble?

of two minds dress shopbop

I wouldn’t mind topping off the look with these platform pretties that I saw on one of our lovely Rosebud’s blog, Fashion’s Maven!

dolce vita platform sandals

I’m awfully jealous of you lovelies. I have to buy these lovely pieces of ear candy, but you have a chance to win them!  And you must check out the killer Summer Style for a Steal Sale that’s going down at Stella & Dot right now too! All sale items are an additional 20% off now through July 9th, making many of the most popular summer pieces up to 60% off.  The discount is applied during checkout, so the prices listed on the website are WITHOUT the 20%.  You’ll see the discount reflected when you add an item to your cart. And I’m loving that all orders ship within two days! I’ve ordered from other sites when it’s taken a week just to ship!

To enter to win the earrings you can:

1. Visit Lindsay’s Stella & Dot site and tell us something else you love from it. {1 entry}
2. Join our new network. {3 entries}
3. Follow our site with Google Friend Connect. {3 entries}
4.  Subscribe to our feed. {1 entry}
5. “Like” Lindsay on Facebook. {1 entry}
6. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {1 entry}
7. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {1 entry}

This giveaway will stay open through Sunday at midnight. Best of luck lovelies and have a happy hump day!

p.s. Don’t forget that today is THE day! Today is the day we vote Miss Lilu into becoming the next MTV TJ! Make sure you’re Facebook friends with her so you can vote for her here starting at 11 AM!

LiLu for MTV TJ


  1. Diana says

    That is a beautiful giveaway ,sweetie!
    I adore your little guy…How cute!!
    Have a wonderful day and see you soon:)

  2. Jen says

    Love the earrings.
    Time does fly by. The baby is no longer a baby anymore. Before you know it, high school right around the corner.

  3. Diana says

    Aww, your little pumpkin is too adorable!! LUV Stella & Dot, and you have picked some fantastic correlating pieces 🙂

    I’ll pass on this giveaway since I recently won another 🙂 Have a beautiful day, girls!

  4. Jill says

    Awww he is just as cute as a button. The do grow up fast.

    I am a follower with google friends (of course 🙂
    I have also joined the network.

    Love the earings, I have the perfect necklace to go with them!!!

  5. kristen says

    Stella & Dot has some great pieces! I used to see jewelry on the side, so I know how that goes! I really like the Jasmine Filigree Necklace- Silver, but I love the color of the earrings featured!! Great giveaway 🙂

  6. Maddy says

    Happy Birthday to the little dudE! they do grow up so fast 🙂

    *I joined your network
    *I follow our site with Google Friend Connect
    * I Like BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook
    *I follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter

  7. Beth says

    What a great giveaway!!!! I love the Garden Party Chandelier Earrings- Green/Gold ….
    I am a rosebud 🙂
    I am a follower 🙂
    I “like” you on facebook 🙂
    I “like” Lindsay on facebook 🙂
    I follow you on twitter 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your little!

  8. J. says

    Your “Dude” is darling! Love his hair!
    And I believe all home renovations are painful! Love the outcome though…

  9. Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi says

    Happy Birthday to your little dude! He’s a July baby and a Cancer like me!! He’s totally adorable.

    Loving these earrings, so let’s see…

    1. So hard to choose a fave! I love the Garden Party Chandelier Earrings- Green/Gold and the Palm Beach Necklace with Starfish.

    2. I follow you on Google.

    3. I follow you on Twitter.

    4. I’ve joined your network.

  10. Ellie says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stackable rings. ALL of them. The lucky 7, the stackable band rings, and the stackable gem rings. I am totally a Phoebe (from Friends) and would wear a ring on every finger!

  11. koralee says

    I sooooo agree..they grow up way tooooooo baby is 15! Just you wait my friend.
    Ok…these earrings are calling my NAME!!!!!! I can so hear them saying they want to come live with me !!! Amazingly lovely in every way. I am in love with all the earrings..would have a hard time picking just one…xoxoo

  12. laura says

    i remember my son that teeny…. now hes 26. enjoy every sleepless moment!!
    the earrings are gorgeous. i also love the st tropez necklace and the signature scroll pendant
    ~laura x

  13. Ria says

    I love the Silk Charm Necklace & Bracelet Wrap in red!{1 entry}
    I Follow your site with Google Friend Connect. {3 entries}
    I’ve Subscribed to your feed (yahoo reader). {1 entry}
    I “Like” Lindsay on Facebook. {1 entry}as Ria kod
    i “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. {1 entry} as Ria Kod
    Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. {1 entry} as @riakod
    My email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com
    Have a great day Kristin!
    p.s.the duuuude is the cutest!!!
    p.p.s.Lilu ruuuuules!!!

  14. Surferwife says

    AWWWW! Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

    *I like the bloom flower rings a lot, very cute!!
    *I joined the network
    *I like you on FB
    *I follow you on Twitter
    *I follow on GFC
    *Team Kelly


  15. Georgia C. says

    happy birthday to your little one. o/
    and i love the COIN PEARL BRACELET. i just love everything with pearls. 🙂

  16. Scientific Housewife says

    Gorgeous earrings! I also love the Garden Party earrings from her site!

    I am a part of the network, connected through Google Friend Connect, I liked you on Facebook and follow on Twitter 🙂

  17. Holly in Heels says

    Hello ladies! What a great giveaway (again!)! I adore the cluster vintage ring on their site–so classic & beautiful! I’m a follower of yours on google connect, Facebook, Twitter and am a Rosebud <3…and also the newest 'like'-r of Stella&Dot on FB. Whew! Happy hump day!

  18. drollgirl says

    your little man is almost TWO?!?! that is shocking! i am not sure what 2 year old little boys are like, but my two year old niece is a HOUSE ON FIRE. brace yourself!!!!

    and you guys always have such good giveaways. those earrings are adorable, and perfect for summer!

  19. Laura@JourneyChic says

    Love those earrings but also the Devi CZ Hoops as well.

    I’m a Rosebud, I follow, I like on FB, and I subscribe to the feed!

    Happy birthday to your little man! What a cutie he is!

  20. Jackiefo says

    I already belong to your network, have google friended you, AND subscribe to your feed! I LOVE those earrings – they are amazing!!!!

  21. Katie says

    Thank you so much for mentioning me! Appreciate it 🙂 Happy Birthday to the dude! 🙂
    Great giveaway! . Joined your new network (obviously!), follow your site with Google Friend Connect, and follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter!

  22. Emily says

    1. Visit Lindsay’s Stella & Dot site and tell us something else you love from it. Love the Mira Bangles Set of 3 in Gold AND Silver. Also the
    Stackable Band Rings. I might buy them.
    2. Join our new network. You betcha!
    3. Follow our site with Google Friend Connect. I’m a follower!
    4. Subscribe to our feed. Yes!
    5. “Like” Lindsay on Facebook. Yes!
    6. “Like” BonBon Rose Girls on Facebook. OF COURSE!
    7. Follow BonBon Rose Girls on Twitter. You know it!

  23. Anna says

    Happy birthday toyour little dude, he is soo cute!

    I love the earrings! I went on the website and I just adoree the Saveena Flower Ring in Gold its gorgeous!
    I already joined the network
    and am following you on google friend connector
    and I am following you on twitter!

    happy hump day

    xoxo anna

  24. Piper says

    Ooh such a great giveaway – I love their stuff!! These earrings are great!!

    *I also love their garden party earrings – so cool
    *Just joined the network 🙂
    *I just subscribed to your feed:)
    *And of course I follow you on twitter!!

  25. Liz says

    What DON”T I want, everything is gorgeous, especially The Garden Party Dot Earrings!
    I’m a rosebud!
    I follow!
    *And I’m going to post about the network later today 🙂

  26. Madeline says

    Ugh. House renovations are a mess. Good luck! And, happy birthday to the dude!!!!

    As far as Stella & Dot go, I love the Jasmine Filigree Earrings in Silver. Very pretty!!

  27. rebecca says

    great earrings! i also really like the bloom flower necklace! such fun jewelery!
    rwvanvoohris at gmail dot com

  28. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita says

    First off – happy birthday to the little man! (oh sweetie, it goes SO fast!!! take a million pictures!!!)
    Second – I SO NEED THOSE EARRINGS!!!!!! GORGEOUS and exactly what I have been looking for. There is way too much I like @ Stella&D to pick just one thing, though.
    Third- of course I follow you – you are fabulous!

  29. Kristen says

    Oh I want to win!! I LOVE those statement necklaces, they are all so pretty! I think the brown one is my favorite!!

    I am a rosebud
    I follow with google friends
    I follow on fb
    I follow on twitter

    and thanks so much for entering my giveaway!!

  30. shelby Bukhenik says

    I looooved the kelly necklace with pendant!!! The earrings are fabulous as well!

    I follow via GFC

    I am a Rosebud/apart of the network!

  31. Mama K says

    They grow way too fast… We need to figure a way to freeze time and keep our little men small forever!! He is so cute!

    1. I love the Gemma Stone earrings!
    2. I’m in your network.
    3. I am a follower!
    4. I like you on facebook!

  32. tara says

    i love the Bloom Flower Ring-Black/Silver in her shop!!
    i’m a rosebud!
    follow via gfc
    follow on twitter (@fabulousbutevil)

  33. Gracie says

    Aww Happy Birthday to the little dude!!

    I like the circle link chain necklace. It has an amethyst looking little pendent on it 🙂

    Follow via GFC and part of your network 🙂

  34. jenni roseland says

    first – happy birthday to the little dude! time flies huh?!

    1. i love the priya ruby ring! have an obsession with rings lately!
    2. holla! i am a rosebud!
    3. i follow you bon bon girls via google friend connect!

  35. Mimi says

    Happy birthday to the little dude! How precious, my niece just spoke her FIRST word today! It was ‘da da’ so cute, talk about a milestone of a day!!!


  36. Shin says

    Happy Birthday to the little dude!! Kids grow up so fast these days! And what an amazing giveaway!! I’d love to have those shoes!! xoxxoxoo

  37. Dany says

    wow, the earrings are really nice, unfortenately I can’t waer earrings, I got super allergic against all of them 2 years ago, still very sad about it, so I hope there is a winner, who will love and wear them. haha
    but anyways I checked out their site and I love this cortez bib necklace, so pretty, thanks for the link!

  38. Jolie says

    I’ve never been to the Stella & Dot site, pretty cute items! I love the starfish earrings!
    I am a follower everywhere you ladies are!!!!!

  39. Michelle says

    Aww happy birthday little dude! He is SO.CUTE.

    Speaking of CUTE, those earrings!!!

    -I also really love Lindsay’s threaded coin pearl necklace. Pearl and turquoise are my two favorite types of jewelery!
    -I’m a rosebud!
    -I’m a follower
    -I’m a subscriber
    -I like Lindsay on fbook
    -I like you on fbook
    -I follow on Twitter!

    Have a lovely day ladies!

  40. PS~Erin says

    I’m on the hunt for some great everyday earrings… I love the ava, heirloom, soiree and sundisc ones. There are so many other great pieces too!

  41. Danielle says

    I love the St. Tropez statement necklace. So chic! +1 entry
    I subscribe to your feed via Google Reader +1 entry
    I just became a follower via Goolge Freind Connect +3 entries
    Whew! That’s five entries total. I hope I win!!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  42. Salt says

    I absolutely love Stella and Dot. Those earrings are perfect. 🙂
    I follow you everywhere (here, facebook, Twitter)>

    Happy birthday to the Dude! They grow up so fast!

  43. Molly says

    It’s my first visit to your blog! Nice to meet you 🙂

    I checked out Stella& Dot and that bloom flower ring in black/silver would be pretty perfect on me! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  44. Chuck says

    No, No, NO! I refuse to pick just one thing from Stella and Dot! That is not a fair request. I’ve been secretly stalking their site for a year now, not going to lie! They have SO MUCH CUTE/SEXY/AFFORDABLE stuff!


  45. Kristen says

    This is my first time commenting on your blog although I have been a long-time follower. What a great giveaway!

    My favorite piece right now from Stella & Dot is the St. Tropez necklace in ivory. So versatile!

    I also follow you via Google Friend Connect, and I follow you on Twitter. {I think that’s 5 entries!} I see that some other ladies post a separate comment for each entry; hopefully that’s not necessary.

    Thanks for the lovely opportunity to win some beautiful jewelry!

    • The BonBon Rose Girls says

      Don’t worry. We always get a mix of one comment and multiple comments. We count them all. Thanks for commenting and reading!!

  46. Jenny says

    OMG I love Stella and Dot – I love everything, I can’t pick just one thing – well, I do adore the Palm necklace w/starfish! You know, I’m a network member, I follow you everywhere (LOL!)

    I feel your “baby growing up fast” pain, less than a month ago my little one turned 2 too. Our babes are almost twins – LOL! Dude is adorable!!! BTW – the blanket that your sweetie is swaddled in was made by the company my hubs works for. You take care and I appreciate all the support!

    xoxo Jenny

  47. Jessica says

    There’s so much to love on her site, but I’m seriously considering the
    Adele Cuff in Gold.

    I just joined your awesome new network!

    I follow you via Friend Connect.

    I follow you on Twitter!


    (Drop by and enter my CSN giveaway when you have a chance – it’s for a $60 gift card!)

  48. Karena says

    Kristen, I adore giveaway earrings and the Jasmine Filigree Gold at Stella & Dot are gorgeous!!

    I am part of your network!

    Art by Karena

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