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How to Wear Stylish Sport Sunglasses

There are so many great reasons for wearing protective eyewear when taking your workout outdoors. I’ve been training for my first half marathon next month and have tested these stylish sport sunglasses by Adidas both when hitting the pavement and while running errands. I adore them and think they are cute enough to wear anytime!

I naively didn’t realize just how hard training for a half marathon would be, and I don’t mean the running. The running has been really FUN. I am loving all the time I’ve spent getting healthy and feeling my body grow stronger. The true hard part for me hasn’t been logging the miles physically but figuring out how to take the time to run them away from the kids. With an irregular work schedule for both my husband and I it has been a creative challenge to consistently find the time needed. I’ve had to run at all different times of day. I even sometimes take my 5-year-old Jake with me on his bike. Hey whatever works, right?! It may not be the most efficient run but it sure is quality time together.

Figuring out all the right gear for me has been part of the process and I will be sure to round-up all my favorites next month once I can say I’ve successfully finished! That said, these Adidas sport sunglasses have been great and I highly recommend them for outdoor sports and fun!
Running errands in sport sunglasses
Stylish Sport Sunglasses

Three Reasons to Wear Stylish Sport Sunglasses

As I’ve learned along the way, there are many benefits to wearing sport sunglasses while running. Here are three reasons they work for me.

  1. They fit securely. My everyday sunglasses just aren’t cut out for the high impact of an 8 mile run. They slip and slide as I sweat while these easily stay in place. That means one less distraction as I run.
  2. They protect your eyes. Whether its from the harsh rays of the sun or from debris flying towards your face, stylish sport sunglasses pull double duty by also protecting your eyes.
  3. They enhance your vision. That’s right, from reduced sun glare to better contrast, even someone with great eyesight will marvel at how much better you can see through sport sunglasses designed to make your view great.

Stylish Sport Sunglasses
Running errands in sport sunglasses
Running errands in sport sunglasses

Do you have stylish sport sunglasses that you love? Do tell! And yes, they even go with my athleisure looks for when I’m picking up Jake from school and headed to the park. For casual running about I’ve been wearing these Betsey Johnson performance leggings and get compliments on them all the time. I’ve included a few links to others below so we can all look sporty, even if we’re just watching from the sidelines!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. Samples were provided and it contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and running tested! Thank you for supporting the sites that support our site!

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