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Sizzlin’ Summer Giveaway Week, Day 4. Plus, It’s Cocktail Time!

It’s day four of our giveaway week and things are getting hot!  Today we have three great items up for grabs that we think you’re going to love!

First up is a $25 gift certificate to the fab online boutique, House of PlumRed.

House of plum red dress

Our sweet sponsor Sima Gilady has offered up this personalized necklace to one lucky winner!

And for anyone out there who has a little one they love, this toothbrush timer from Didi’s toy shop, is a great way to get kids excited about cleaning those chompers!

Didi's Toothbrush Timer

So on to the deets!  Here’s how you can enter to win these sweet items. You can do one or all of them and you don’t have to leave a separate comment if something is worth more than 1 entry.

1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {1 entry}
2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries}
3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries}
4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries}
5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry}
6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry}
7. Tweet about our giveaway {2 entries}
8. Blog about our giveaway {3 entries}
9. Grab our new button {2 entries}

Don’t forget to enter the day 1 , day 2 , and day 3 giveaways!


Ps – Sorry for the short post today!  We can blame all those great ladies who I went to happy hour with last night, you know who you are!  We went to Vapiano’s (For anyone with a location nearby, they have killer happy hour prices!) where I sipped on some great sangria.  So I thought, for anyone who missed it, why not link to a goodie from a few months back, our Sangria post with my good friend Kate at the helm!


And as for our Rosebud Network Member link…I loved this idea from Perfect Sentiment to “say something sweet to five people today.” I bet it would put us all in fabulous moods if we tried that out!

perfect sentiment

p.s. For all you fans of The Hills, Kristin did a style tribute post to her beloved show here!


  1. Suburban Prep says

    I like from DIDI’s the Animal Train.
    from Plum Red the Classic Sweater
    from Sima’s I like the circle pendent with the poem on it.

  2. Brianna says

    From Sima Gilady,
    the P.S. I Love You necklace is super sweet.


    From Didis Toys Store
    All of the TRUDI plush animals are so SO adorable
    and would be perfect for my baby cousin
    For her, I would choose Snail Naomi…the Large one of course!

    GREAT GIVEAWAYS this week!

  3. Christy says

    I love the Turquoise Love necklace from House of plum red, the Dainty Hammered Gold Disc from SimaGilady, and Biofino Petit Fours from DiDi’s (how cute are those?!).

    I’m a blog follower, twitter follower, and facebook fan!

  4. Ria says

    Oh lovely gifts!
    Here I go
    1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {1 entry}
    Plum Red:Love the wrap me up dress
    Sima Gilady: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL …. Celebrate necklace.Gorgeous!
    Didy’s toy shop:Uno Dragon .The cutest!
    2. Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} Done as Ria
    3. Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} Proud member
    4. Subscribe to our blog {2 entries} done!
    5. Follow us on Facebook {1 entry} already following as ria kod
    6. Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} @riakod
    9. Grab our new button {2 entries} already at my blog

    my email address is
    Have a great day my bonbons!

  5. Luisa says

    Woo hoo love this giveway as well.
    House of Plum Red: The Roal wraps is perfect to wear during a cool summer night
    SimaGilady: CIRCLE OF FAMILY – one of a kind family necklace

    Didi’s Toy Store: Calin Charming Pastel

    I Follow u through Google Friend Connect
    I subscribe to your blog
    I Follow u on Facebook
    I. Follow u on Twitter
    I Tweeted about our giveaway @ weezieme

  6. Katy Mary says

    My head is going to explode from all the giveaways! I cannot wait to try that Sangria recipe, it’s seriously one of my fav summer drinks. I would use the $25 gift cert to House of Plum Red on the Rocker Dress or a Royal Wrap! So cute. From Sima Gilady I love the My Heart Is For You necklace.

    I follow here, on Twitter and like on Facebook! and I’m a proud Rosebud 🙂

  7. Allison says

    That sangria looks absolutely perfect!

    Such lovely gifts today – I love the first two so much, and that little toy makes me wish I had a kid in my life (not my own though right now, thank you) to give it to, but sadly, I do not 🙁

    From SimaGilady I ADORE the crossword across my heart necklace – it’s so pretty and I may just order that for my mom at some point for a birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day present!

    Omg, I need that $25 gift card to House of Plum Red – what a fabulous store that would help buy me a much needed summer wardrobe! That white kimono top is absolutely gorgeous.

    I follow on Twitter, I’m a Rosebud Member, I have your buttons on my blog, follow you on Twitter, follow you through Google friend connect and Tweeted this giveaway!

  8. Heather says

    I like the Tribal Basics dress.
    I also like the gold filled disc & sterling silver disc w/ pearl, very special & so unique.
    I follow on Twitter & am a follower via Google. Can’t wait to make sangria, can’t believe I haven’t had a glass yet this summer!

  9. Phoenix Peacock says

    from Didis I adore the jumping elephant
    and oh my goodness, what don’t I like at SimaGilday. But if I had to choose, I love the gold disc with the silver disc with a simple inscription! And I love the cake dress (and its price!) over at House of Plum Red.
    I follow via google friend
    I am a rose bud
    And I have your button!

  10. Lilly says

    Love, love Sangria! I actually printed out your post from several months back & used it & did a few changes of my own. ~fabulous~! :o)

  11. Camila F. says

    Amazing shops! My favorites are:
    – The Golden Touch dress, from House of PlumRed,
    – The beautiful Charm Necklace, from SimaGilady,
    – The Assorted Little Cookies, from Didis.

  12. Erica says

    I love how affordable House of Plum Red is! If I had a gift certificate I would get the sweetheart dress and maybe some necklaces.

  13. Sandy a la Mode says

    From Hour of Plum Red, I LOVE the Wrap Me Up top!
    From SimaGilady, I LOVE the My Heart is for you necklace!
    From Didi’s, I love the Little Tea Set!

    Thanks for another FAB giveaway!!

  14. Jessica says

    Yummm now I want Sangria!!

    From House of Plum Red – love the Turquoise Love necklace (only $7!?)
    From Sima Gilady – love the I am Wishing You Blessings Bracelet
    From Didi’s – i LOVE wallcandy arts so anything from them!

    -I follow y’all on Twitter
    -And I like y’all on Facebook
    -Have your button on my blog
    -I’m a subscriber!

  15. teresa says

    Happy Day to the BonBon’s!
    I do believe I need to grab your adorable new button!
    And I’m WAY behind!
    I’ve gotta check our the ROSEBUDs!
    Been gone too long!
    BonBon Girls ROCK! ;o)

  16. Leia says

    Awesome giveaway! I hope international Rosebuds can enter?

    – Follow us through Google Friend Connect {5 entries} – done
    – Join the Rosebud Network {5 entries} – done! & loving being a rosebud
    – Follow us on Twitter {1 entry} done
    – Grab our new button {2 entries} done

    🙂 🙂

  17. Anaiz says

    1. Tribal Basics dress from House of Plum Red; Curly font – Every Disc Has A Story – one custom sterling silver disc -One Clear Quartz from Sima Gilady; Cordy Roy Pig (so cute!) from Didi’s
    2. Follow through Google Friend Connect
    3. Rosebud!
    4. Subscribed
    5. Following on Facebook
    9. Using a button

    Yum that Sangria looks great. Starting with my 5 sweet things here: BonBon Rose Girls is the cutest website ever! The Rosebud network rocks (so do the bloggers in it!). Have a great day y’all!

  18. Meghan says

    1.) From House of PlumRed, I love the “Cake Dress”. From Sima Gilady, I love the Quote necklace. And from Didis, I think the play tents are adorable!

    2.) I follow on Google Friend Connect!

    3.) I am a member of the Rosebud Network!

    4.) I also follow on Facebook!

    5.) And Twitter!

    6.) And just tweeted!

  19. Meli says

    Wow, you ladies are rockin’ it with the giveaways!

    I adore the Wrap Me Up Kimono styled wrap dress from Plum Red store. Lots of yummy finds there…i will be back for another visit.

    SimaGilady – I love the say what you wanna say braclets. Very nice.

    And I know my lil one would adore the Finn Doctor Set from DiDi’s!!! Got an ouchie? Dr. Finn can fix, ah yes! But, that toothbrush holder is sooooo cute.

    Thanks again ladies, just for the chance!

  20. Erin Nicole says

    1. I love the Circle of Joy necklace with the quote, and totally love the one that is being given away as well by SIma Gilady!
    2. Following you through Google Friend Connect
    3. Joined the Rosebud Network
    4. Subscribed to your blog
    5. Following you on Facebook
    6. Following you on Twitter

  21. carma says

    from House of Plum red – Cheetank
    from SimaGilady – Your quote necklace
    from Didi’s toy Shop – Beep doll

    following via GFC
    following on Twitter (CarmaSez)
    blogged about giveaway
    have your new button

  22. shelby Bukhenik says

    From House fo Pum Red – Editorial Floral Dress…They actually had so many cute dresses though!

    From Didis – Animal Patterns Puzzle!

    From SimaGilady – the personalized rings would be a really nice thing for the hubs and I!

  23. Leah says

    1- So did you see this BabyDoll Basic dress at houseofplumred? Yeah… it’s only like $5! I need it and want it!
    The personalized rings in HEBREW and ENGLISH——Ani ledodi vedodi li RING – I am to my beloved and my on simagilady… need it! I mean I’m not in the market for wedding bands but I just love it!
    Doot Hat & Mitten Set hahah too cute! Over on

  24. Sandy says

    from house of plum red-the rope dress
    from sima gilady-the say what you want to say bracelets
    from didi’s toy shop-the desk raft

    I follow on GFC.
    I’m subscribed to your blog.
    And I have your lovely button on my blog!

    Good luck everyone!!!

  25. Chrystal says

    1. I love the In Full Bloom Dress at Plum Red, Love the Song of Song Ring at Sima Gilady, and I am LOVING that Toothbrush timer! Genius!
    2. I follow you GFC!
    3.Ima RoseBud 🙂
    4. I subscribed!
    5.I follow you on Facebook!
    6.I follow you on Twitter 🙂 @ChrystalLou
    7.Your Button is on my sidebar!
    8. I tweeted ya’ll!

    And BTW, that concoction looks YUMMY!

  26. Tooje says

    I REALLY like that “Simply Ruffled” top for work. I might just have to buy it for myself if I don’t win. 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  27. Danielle says

    From Plum Red I like the skirt jumper. From SimaGilady I like the Circle of Joy necklace, and from Didi’s I like the toothbrush timer. = 1 entry.
    I follow via GFC = 5 entries
    I subscribe to your blog = 2 entries
    Totalling 8 entries.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  28. Celeste says

    from House of Plum Red: pilot’s jacket
    from Sima Gilady: every disc got a story necklace
    from Didi’s Toy Shop: biofino petit fours

  29. Michelle says

    Oh my gosh I loved that Sangria post. It was the first BBR post I ever read! I still want to make it…

    I LOVE House of Plum Red’s pilot jacket. I’m not sure if I’m edgy enough to pull off leather, but it is adorable.

    The three-disc necklace from Sima Gilady with the attached beads is SO cute.

    I follow through GFC.
    I’m a rosebud!
    I’m a subscriber.
    I follow on fbook.
    I follow on twitter.
    I tweeted about the giveaway week (michellewthonel is my twitter)
    and I have your button!

    This has been the best week, ever, girls! Thanks so much!

    PS Kristin–the Hills being gone has left a gaping hole in my heart =(

  30. Melissa says

    From Plum Red, love the cake dress!

    From SimaGilady, love the My Heart is FOR YOU my dear necklace.

    From Didis, love the Corsario Stationery Set.

  31. Annie says

    I love:
    The Dip N Dot Necklace at House of PlumRed
    Every Disc Has A Story necklace from SimaGilady
    Finger puppets from Didi’s toys….

  32. Diana says

    Those are such a great giveaways….I adore the House of Plumred dresses:)
    Hope you are having a wonderful week,sweetie and see you soon:)

  33. Shea says

    More goodies! From House of Plum Red I love the Modern Sexy Zipper Jacket, from Sima Gilady I love the Circle of Joy necklace, and from Didi’s Toys I would give a friend with a baby the Junglie Monkey stuffed animal. Cute!

    I follow with Google Friend Connect, I’m a rosebud, and I follow on Twitter too.

  34. Lianna J says

    I love love love the cake dress on House of Plum Red. I follow you on twitter and now I added google connect 🙂

    Actually I really like most stuff on House of Plum Red. I might be little bit obsessed. Thanks for sharing it!

  35. Nonners says

    Wow ladies- the blog is doing great! Good work here. I have so many posts to catch up on… why do I feel like your blog is going to make me go broke though? Bonbonrose deal of the days/ recommendations are going to be the Nonners version of a gambling addiction…

  36. Gracie says

    I love that sentiment. That’s lovely (Ahh Rosebuds)

    Ok Plum Red – The Casual acquaintance dress is sweet; SimaGilady – Your quote on your necklace (Circle of joy)
    Didis – Blossom sky play tent

    1. I follow via GFC
    2. I’m a Rosebud
    3. I follow via Twitter
    4. I have the new button

    Thanks ladies 🙂

  37. Traci B says

    There were several tops I liked, the bat sleeve one & the white tunic. From SimaGilady I like the disc that are on the Mother’s Day necklace. The puppets at Didi’s are too cute!

    I’m a follower on Google, FB & twitter!

  38. Emily says

    1. Visit each vendor and tell us what else you love from their site {1 entry}
    Slightly Sparkled is super cute on the House of Plum Red! I like all the jewelry on Sima Gilady! The Cordy Roy Aardvark toy is so cuddly too.

  39. Julie says

    House of PlumRed – I love the wrap dress featured or GNO dress! For the SimaGilady – LOVE the necklaces, I like the somple “personalized it” pendant. From Didi’s I like the activity cube with music!

  40. Mama K says

    My favs are:
    Plumred-Modern Sexy zipper Jacket!
    SimaGilady-Gold filled and sterling filled necklace with pearl!
    Didi’s Toy Shop-The Jumping Frog 🙂

    I follow!
    I’m in the Rosebud network!
    I follow on facebook!
    I have your new button!

    (14 entries!)

  41. Natalie says

    From House ofPlumeRed-Iced cupcake dress in any color
    From- SimaGilady-A Gift for you version 2
    From Didis-Dottilicious-Wallcandy Arts

    I follow through google friend connect
    I am a rosebud
    I subscribe via email
    I am a fan on fb
    I follow on twitter (nataliesmith82)

  42. Rhiannon says

    That purple dress in incredible! The shape and cut of it is so flattering and the hue is lovely 🙂 You ladies never cease to amaze me over here with your wonderfulness. Happy Weekend! xo

  43. Georgia C. says

    1. Valentine Dress
    2. My Heart is FOR YOU my dear – Your name or your loved one name on a sterling silver heart
    3. Blossom Sky Play Ten

    I Follow u through Google Friend Connect.
    Happy Weekend! =D

  44. Vanessa says

    From Didis – The pink chubby rabbit is too cute!

    From House of PlumRed – LOVE the cake dress.

    From SimaGilady – the say what you want to say cuffs are great.

  45. Pam Keener says

    I love A Touch of Lace on House of Plum Red
    I love My heart is for U dear on Sima Glady
    I love The Growth Chart on Didis
    I follow your blog via GFC
    I subscribe via e-mail
    I like BBF on FB
    I follow BBR on Twitter
    Love & Hugs,

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