10 Ways to Wear White Denim

Do you want to see some seriously fun ways to wear white denim? I knew you would! Most of us have a pair of white jeans, but we’re not always be sure how to wear them. You don’t want to leave them languishing in your closet. Bring those bad boys out to play! If there is one piece of clothing that screams springtime for me, it’s white denim. White jeans are just so fresh and crisp. They’re the perfect partner for a classic print like gingham, for instance. 

brunette woman wearing gingham shirt and white jeans

How to Wear White Jeans

I mean good pair of white denim can actually be styled a million and one different ways for spring. They’re equally at home with color as they are with black or metallics. There really are just SO many ways to wear white denim. They’re very easily dressed up or down which makes them a cornerstone part of any girl’s spring wardrobe. And that’s what you want when you’re building out your style. You want to find those go-to pieces that you can remix again and again.

Take Megan’s frayed white jeans from, for a couple years back for instance…You’ll see them styled several, very different, ways in this take on ways to wear white denim. And I have it on good authority that she’s still wearing them! And this look is just the beginning of their potential. There are so many more ways she could wear them. Here she went for color AND metallics. Cobalt, white and gold play very well together, don’t you think? White plays well with most everything.

white denim outfit

You get the picture right? White denim is versatile y’all…oh so versatile! I mean we all have brunches, date nights, girls get togethers and whatnot on our spring calendars right? Well, white denim would work for all of those occasions!

On that note, here are ten ways to wear white denim…The key this season is to pick fun colors and prints to pair with your white denim…metallics count as colors too. Just sayin’. And as much as I’m loving bold, bright hues, there’s nothing wrong with classic black and white combos either. Just start styling those white jeans STAT!

So, are you ready to ROCK your spring style?! We pulled some of our own favorite white denim outfits along with some recommendations from our fashionable friends Jo-Lynne Shane, April GoLightly and Ashley Brooke Nicholas!

Ways to Wear White Denim

ways to wear white denim

Get Your Own White Denim

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite ways to wear white denim, why not go pick up a new pair for yourself? I’m loving AG’s “The Legging” Cutoff Ankle Skinny Jeans and also the Kut from the Cloth Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jean which is a more budget friendly version. Happy shopping! I can’t wait to hear about your favorite ways to wear white denim!

*And for more spring style advice, check out how I love wearing floral prints in the spring! I can’t get enough of them!

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