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Houndstooth Sweater, Cozy Vibes

This houndstooth sweater is so warm and cozy it has all the fall vibes I love!

Houndstooth Sweater from Nordstrom Rack

We have had several weeks of picture perfect crisp fall weather. After going through all my sweaters, I knew it was time for a few new ones to refresh my fall wardrobe. My oldest son was also in need of a fall update too. His was slightly more desperate (I could see his ankles in all his pants!) and like most boys  his age, wants his wardrobe to consist of only athleisure. I mean who doesn’t love a little athleisure action. Let’s be real!

Just give him all the Nike and Under Armor in the world! Haha! But he has also become a little more selective in the designs he wants so I took him to Nordstrom Rack to get his sign off on his new duds. This mama is tired of doing the buy and return dance with him! I’m sure you fellow moms can relate.

As I was walking with him to the register, I spied this cozy grey houndstooth sweater on a rack. I loved the pattern, the price was right, and knew it would fit, so I quickly threw it on my pile and kept moving.

And I am so glad I did. I’ve already worn this sweater three times in two weeks! I would say the cost per ratio is already coming out in my favor! It is the perfect amount of coziness while still feeling pulled together and chic.

Grey Vince Camuto Houndstooth Sweater

Sweater / Leggings/ Boots

Styling My Houndstooth Sweater

For my dinner date, I paired my new sweater with my good old black lettings and black over-the-knee riding boots. This is my third year with these boots and I still love them just as much as the year I bought them. They are so versatile and work great with leggings or skinny jeans. I highly recommend this style for when you want to look nice, but will be on your feet and don’t want to wear a heel. 

Houndstooth Sweater

For accessories I went with small silver stud earrings and my large silver cuff bracelet. And, of course, I love a dark moody purple nail polish in fall. Tres chic! 

So, while I’ve been holding back on impulse shopping after a few recent fails, this was a total win. I haven’t been shopping at Nordstrom Rack as much in recent years, but I spied several other great items and will put it back in the rotation. They also have an awesome website full of fun finds. Something I tend to forget about when I’m shopping.

Is anyone else in the same boat? For now I’m going to kick back and enjoy this pretty time of year!

Grey Houndstooth Sweater

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