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Stitch Fix, Fall 2019

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Stitch Fix. I still wear several items from previous Stitch Fix boxes, but due to needing to wear what I have and free up some closet space I decided to reduce my Stitch Fix deliveries to quarterly. So here’s a peek at what was in my Stitch Fix Fall 2019 box. 

Stitch Fix Fall 2019 Box

Overall this was a pretty great Stitch Fix box. However, I really do need to invest some time into cleaning out my closet and figuring out what I REALLY need and want. It seems like this is a chore that pops up every few years out of necessity and way faster than I expected. Didn’t I just clean out my closet like yesterday? Oh wait, nope that truly was two years ago.

In looking at these photos I see a few things that I should have probably kept and look really cute. I just couldn’t quite figure out if I should keep them. So most of it went back until I’m ready to really purge that closet. This black jumpsuit was one of them. I already have two black pant jumpsuits so I couldn’t justify keeping this. But now I have regret, it’s a great piece that could really be dressed up or down and fits well. 

Stitch Fix Fall 2019 Jumpsuit

Next in my Stitch Fix Fall 2019 box was this green duster cardigan. I had really wanted one and even sent my stylist a note asking for one to be included. The color is nice, and of course my lil’ helper couldn’t be cuter. But in the end I felt like the quality wasn’t great. I would have rather paid double for a long thick cardigan that feels like a statement piece and can last a few winters.

Stitch Fix Duster Cardigan

The third item in my box was this white and grey striped tie shirt. Truth be told I had planned on keeping this. But a friend who saw it in person and then many of your on Instagram Stories voiced to send it back. And truly it did feel like at $42 I could find something a bit more flattering. I do wear tops like this a lot for work though so it probably would have easily fit into my closet rotation. 

White striped tie shirt

The fourth item in my Stitch Fix box were these Emma skinny jeans. At $128 they seemed pricey for what is a pretty typical everyday fit. They were really stretchy but too big in the waist. Of course skinny jeans are one of those things that are a closet staple. I have a few pairs already that I love, but if I really LOVEDDDD these I could have probably justified the cost. Sadly they didn’t make the cut.

Stitch Fix Skinny Jeans

The final item in my Stitch Fix box was this stone necklace for $34. This photo really doesn’t do it justice and it felt really delicate and sweet. Overall I really liked it but wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it. In the end I did since I had already paid my styling fee leaving it at $16. I’m holding onto it for now but may use it as a Christmas gift. 

Stone Necklace

Stitch Fix Fall 2019 Conclusion

Overall I really felt like this Stitch Fix box was ok. It did fit my general style and the price points were as expected. However, the reason I really subscribe to the service is to find things that push me out of my fashion comfort zone. This did not deliver in that area. It felt very much like things I could find at the Loft and to me that was a bummer. For now I’ll wait until my Winter box to see what might come my way. 

How about you? Are you a Stitch Fix fan? What has your overall impression been? 

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