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Our Top School Morning Time-Savers for Parents

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine. #JimmyDeanRollUps 

If you could use some help streamlining your mornings, read on! We’re sharing our top school morning time-savers for parents today!

It’s officially back to school season and this mama is in prep mode. I’ve already bought most of the school supplies, clothes and shoes that my kids needed, but there is so much more to kicking off the school year successfully than back to school shopping. In my household, schedule and routine are two very important words. And to be truthful, they are not something I excel it. They are, however, things my children thrive under. So, I have to go against my nature and put a solid schedule in place, so we’re all less stressed when that oh so hectic back to school season hits!

Luckily, my mom is a scheduling guru, so she taught me plenty of time-saving tips over the years. I wasn’t smart enough to listen to them when I was younger, but now that life is busier than ever thanks to my career and the kids’ multiple sports, activities etc., I will take all the tips I can get! Help me PLEASE! Bwah! I know I’m not the only harried mom in the same spot. That’s why I’m going to share some of our top school morning time-savers for parents with you. They may seem simple, but they work. Trust me. The more organized you are on school mornings, the less room there is for stress. Because we already have enough stress in our lives. Am I right?!

Time-Saving Tips for School Mornings

box of jimmy deal biscuit roll-ups on kitchen counter jeimmy dean biscuit roll-ups in target freezer

little girl headed off to school with backpack little girl eating to go breakast

1. Have on-the-go breakfast options like Jimmy Dean® Biscuit Roll-ups on hand. Even the most organized moms find themselves needing to rush out the door sometimes. The hearty sit-down breakfast that you wanted to serve your family simply isn’t always an option.  Ready in under 60 seconds, Jimmy Dean Biscuit Roll-ups, that you can find at Target, are a quick and easy-to-go breakfast and a game-changing time-saver! You just pull them out of the freezer and pop them in the microwave. And with all the ingredients all rolled up to make a perfectly portable breakfast, you can literally send them out the door with Roll-up in hand! 

Plus, there are 10 grams of protein in every serving, so you know your kids will stay full. My son, for instance, doesn’t have lunch until nearly the end of the school day, so feeding him something filling in the morning is very important! And, equally as important, is the taste. If my kids aren’t excited to eat it, that’s just another battle I have to fight. Bedtime battles are enough, thank you very much. Haha! For full nutritional info, you can check the package FYI!

2. Lay out clothes the night before. At the very least, lay out the kids’ school clothes. Or have them do it if they’re old enough. And if you’re really feeling feisty, lay your own clothes out too. It’s a lot easier to hit the gym after I drop the kids off if I get dressed in my work-out gear first. Then I don’t waste time going home to get dressed where I’ll inevitably get distracted! 3. Pack school lunches the night before. I pack anything that won’t be soggy and put their packed lunch boxes right in the fridge. That way all I have to do in the morning is make their sandwich and transfer the whole thing to their backpack. Any little bit helps. Just cutting down on the time it takes to make breakfast and lunch in the morning is huge!

Simple Back to School Organization Tips

backpack and clothes on chair

4. Give backpacks a dedicated home. Try to avoid letting the kids just drop their things wherever they want when they walk in the door. And after they do their homework, make sure they return their backpack to its home. I’m a big fan of hanging cute hooks on the wall by the door myself. That way you’re never running around looking for backpacks before school.

5. Place shoes by the door. And speaking of running around and looking for things. If I had to pick one thing that makes us late more than anything else, it’s lost shoes. Before you go to bed, find those shoes and put them by the door. Better yet, make sure your kids put their kids in a dedicated spot when they get home, so you aren’t looking for them at night. You don’t need to waste time them either mama!

So, those are some of the ways we save time in the morning, my friends! I hope our top school morning time-savers for parents help you have a less stressful school year too! And if these soft and flaky biscuit breakfasts are calling your name, make sure you check out your local Target store on 8/31 for an in-store demo of the Jimmy Dean Biscuit Roll-ups! *Stores may vary.
 jimmy dean roll-ups on the go breakfast on brown granite counter

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