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Holiday Movie Snacks Spread for Two

Downton Abbey fans will love this little holiday movie snacks spread that we put together to watch the DVD!

chocolate candies, cookies and nuts in christmas tree tray

How to Make a Holiday Snacks Spread

A few years back I went to London for the first time and immediately fell in love. It was right after Thanksgiving so the city was filled with holiday magic. I’ve always been fascinated by England’s history, but seeing it increased my interest tenfold. And then came Downton Abbey. Never have a loved a show quite as much. The Crawleys were part of my life every week until the show’s final airing, so you know I was beyond thrilled when they came back to us in movie form!

The Downton Abbey movie is everything a true Downton fan could have hoped for. All the characters you love are back together! And the costumes, intrigue and sweeping landscapes are in full effect. I, of course, ran to the theater when it was released, but I decided I needed to add it to my home movie collection too. My mom is just as big a Downton fan as me, so I decided that I needed to put together something special for our first home viewing. We just got back from a vacation where we had the opportunity to see those gorgeous costumes up close and personal, so we can’t get enough right now! Enter my holiday movie spread for two, Downton Abbey style!

downtown abbey dvd next to holiday snacks

downton abbey dvd with holiday sweets

tea and snacks on polka dot placemats

Why You Should Buy Ready-Made Snacks for Holiday Events

Now, it’s the holiday season my friends, so mama doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on party prep. With all the holiday activities on my calendar for the kids’ school and my work, I am definitely looking for shortcuts. And I bet you wouldn’t turn down a nice holiday mom hack either would you? If you want throw a little impromptu movie watching party as well, turn to ready made treats and let your presentation be the wow factor.

I, for instance, used a family heirloom Christmas tree tray to display treats like mini star cookies, Christmas tree cookies, chocolate candies, peppermint meringues and nuts. And I didn’t actually make any of it. Haha! Don’t get me wrong. I do have my holiday baking sesh planned, but it’s not until this weekend and I couldn’t possibly wait that long to watch the Downton Abbey movie! Oh and I almost forgot….Our beverage of choice was tea of course. Peppermint tea to be exact. What goes better with peppermint meringues than peppermint tea, haha!

holiday movie snacks spread on red and green placemats

Buy Your Own Downton Abbey DVD

So, are you ready to grab your own copy of the Downton Abbey movie? All you have to do is head over to your local Walmart to purchase the new release of Downton Abbey DVD today! You can find it online at too! Why not snag more than one? They make perfect stocking stuffers! Just sayin’. You can bet the fellow Downton Abbey fans in my life will be getting their own copy this Christmas! With this DVD being an expansion from the series, you won’t be disappointed. Trust me!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment , but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DowntonAbbeyAtWalmart

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