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How to Make a Playdate Feel Special

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Who’s ready for summer?! I know my boys are! They have been counting down the days until the end of school. We go until mid-June and right now it’s feeling like forever!

Tillamook Summer Playdate

At our house summer is all about impromptu playdates and pool parties. I am my best self (and Mom) in summer. Something about the extra long days and laid-back style just puts me at ease. Messes and movie nights and sleeping in are all on the agenda. And our house is also it’s best self in summer. With a big backyard and pool we tend to entertain several times a week. Often we just call up our friends when we have a free afternoon or evening and cook out letting the kids go wild in the back yard.

Making a Playdate Feel Special

And making even an impromptu playdate feel special can be so easy! Here are a few things I do to make a last minute invite seem like a party.

First I pull out our corn hole, bubbles and all our lawn games so that they are ready to go before people arrive. Even with a pool, the kids also love having a sprinkler or water games set up too!

Next I make a cool snack station. Max loves to help me make a cute saying on our felt letter board. It’s a great way for him to sort and practice letters and really adds a simple darling touch.

Using a bright plastic tray to hold and carry snacks is cheerful but kid safe. Inevitably something always ends up getting spilled in the yard. I also always have bright napkins, paper straws and other accessories on hand in my pantry that are easy to pull together last minute.

Tillamook Ice Cream Sign

Finally, lets be real, it’s truly all about that snack. We all remember going to the houses that had the best snacks as a kid, right? And what says summer wow factor more than a delicious Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwich?! Everyone in my house is loving these Tillamook Chocolate Mudslide Waffle Cone Sandwiches that I picked up from Costco. Pulling out this box makes me feel like the mom queen of summer, ha!

Costco TillamookTillamook Ice Cream Sandwiches

And the grown-ups are going nuts too! They are just that good! The ice cream is so creamy and made from the highest quality ingredients. This means no artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup and extra cream to make it extra rich. The cookie outsides are inspired by waffle cones and made with real butter and brown sugar. I can’t wait to try the Mint Chocolate Chip next!

They are definitely the winning touch to making a playdate, pool party or just a normal summer day feel extra special.

Make sure to grab a box or two and stock up on these Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwiches the next time you are at Costco. They will be sure to elevate your summer fun!

Eating Tillamook Ice Cream Sandwich

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