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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls

It’s officially time to start your holiday shopping if you haven’t yet. And we’re here to make life easier with our ultimate holiday gift guide for little girls! Read on for our top holiday gift picks!

As a little girl, I simply lived for the holidays. I am pretty sure it is genetic because my mom does Christmas like nobody else. So, my Christmas obsession was a given. From the time I was very young, she exemplified holiday magic and I have found myself trying to do the same thing for my kiddos. My mom was, and still is, such a wonderful ambassador for the holiday season, a girl can only try to keep up. Haha!

And I’m not just talking about presents, although we are certainly going to focus on those here today. I am referring to the entire holiday experience! From family Christmas movie and hot cocoa nights to giving back at our favorite local charity and our annual tree decorating day. All of these traditions come together to spread holiday cheer for us!

little girl in red and white striped dress holding two wrapped christmas gifts

We’ve actually already started our holiday celebrations, even though it’s not quite December yet. What can I say? We Christmas hard! Bwah! In fact, my baby girl just might be coming for her Mimi’s Christmas crown because she has already presented us with a list of fun holiday activities that she wants us to tackle. And giving is definitely on there. How could I not reward a heart so pure?

I bet you have your own little ones at home who you can’t wait to treat this holiday season right? Well, I’m here to help with our ultimate holiday gift guide for little girls! We have girl holiday gift ideas for all kinds of interests at all kinds of price points. I daresay it won’t be hard to find a must-have holiday gift for kids on our list, but it might be hard to narrow down your top picks! Just sayin’.

And away we go…

Holiday Gift Ideas for Little Girls

American Girl doll Julie and book

American Girl Julie in yellow crochet vest and bellbottoms surrounded by holiday lights wrapped gifts

American Girl Julie accessories

American Girl doll outfit and accessories on pink and turquoise paisley quilt

American Girl Doll Julie toys and accessories

American Girl Julie holiday gifts with Julie doll, Julie Pinball Machine and Julie Faux Fireplace

1. First up, we have American Girl. It’s hard to go wrong there. My daughter basically circled their whole holiday catalog this year. Haha! She obviously won’t be receiving all of that, but I can’t wait to see her face light up when she sees one of her favorite girls, Julie Albright™, under the tree! Julie is a truly beautiful doll with the most realistic looking long, silky straight hair. I hope she likes getting her hair brushed because I see a lot of beauty parlor play in her future. And her little side braid goes perfectly with her sunny crochet vest, bell bottom jeans and platform sandals. Now if that isn’t authentic 1970s style, I don’t know what is!

Of course, she doesn’t have to stay in her bellbottoms. Julie’s holiday outfit is fit for any dress up event. At my house we dress up for Christmas Eve, so I can totally see giving this lovely pink velvet dress set to my daughter early so she can dress her new doll up for our Christmas Eve dinner then play with Julie’s Christmas Fireplace afterward. You see, Julie’s parents got divorced and she didn’t have a chimney for Santa to come down in her new apartment, so her mom puts up a faux fireplace. If us moms are anything, we’re problem solvers!

And no American Girl is complete without her story, so Julie comes with her own paperback book The Big Break too. After she’s done reading, your American Girl fan can hit the arcade with Julie’s Pin Ball Machine! It works just like a real one AND is made of real metal and wood too, so you know you’re getting quality. I don’t know about you, but I hate buying toys that fall apart all too soon. You never have to worry about that with American Girl!

Hot Holiday Toys 2019

pink unicorn stuffed animal with white and red wrapped boxes

2. Next up we have another fan favorite in our house, Build-A-Bear. We actually go in person to our local Build-A-Bear store every year during the holidays. It’s located in an outdoor shopping center that does a wonderful holiday light show. So, we go to dinner, the kids each build a stuffed friend and then we watch the light show. It’s become a holiday tradition we really look forward to!

Well, I know an animal my little lady would love to build this year. This pink sparkle llamacorn is simply the cutest! She’s fuzzy, glittery and full of fun! And like with all Build-A-Bear stuffies you can add extras like outfits, scents, sounds and loads of accessories! Notice her blue sequin dress and flats? She’s just so festive isn’t she?!

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turquoise and white striped pom pom hat

3. And speaking of festive, it doesn’t get much more festive this time of year than a pompom hat! Justice has just what your little lady needs to round out her winter wardrobe! This mama loves a good beanie and her daughter is no different. That fluffy pompom certainly sealed the deal for both of us! The cozy, super soft sweater material and stylish stripes don’t hurt either. Haha!

chocolate poop toy and christmas tree wrapping paper gifts

4. Now we’re going to go from pretty to silly. Chocolate poop silly to be exact. With the Chocolate Poop Maker from Jaaks, kids can “make” their own chocolate by flushing melted chocolate down the toy toilet. I am cracking up just thinking about that chocolate poop mold! It’s super easy to use, as well, and only requires five minutes of refrigeration. Plus, you can use chocolate that you already have on hand!

dinosaur toy with brightly wrapped holiday gifts

5. And also from Jaaks is the Gigantosaurus. My girl loves dolls, but she’s just as excited to play with dinosaurs! That’s a common interest her and her brother share which makes this a winner in my book. Anything to encourage togetherness!

And this dinosaur has a mouth that opens and closes and it can stomp and roar too! Plus, at 15 inches toy, it’s not small, but you probably figured that out from its name. Bwah! It definitely makes for an impressive gift. I can so see this giganto figure playing well with our the other dinosaurs in our collection!

Must-Have Books for Girls

candlewick leading the way book

6. Finally, we have Leading the Way: Women in Power from Candlewick Press. This book is just the thing to give a young girl. My sweetie already wants to make a difference in our world which makes me beyond proud. So, I obviously want to provide her with plenty of inspiration! The collection of biographies of women in politics is just that. The stories of women from all different political affiliations and backgrounds are told in an accessible way that is sure to light a fire under any young trailblazer!

This book celebrates women, diversity and leadership! Expect to see women like Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman elected to Congress and Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to sit on the Supreme Court, covered. It’s a great way to celebrate women’s achievements!

So, what do you think? Are you walking away with a few new holiday gift ideas for little girls? I knew you would! Happy shopping my friends! And happy holidays to you!

Before you go, I thought you might like some holiday sweets inspiration to go with your holiday shopping inspo!

little girl with santa dress holding christmas gift

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